At the Cauldron (a story/ish)

At the Cauldron

Stirring stirring she was stirring. And listening to the voices gathering to listen for their names in her incantations. Seeing what she wanted by whom she called. Little smiles of understanding here and there in the midst of shifting impatience and confusion. Most expecting some question that only a demon would know. Something that would happen in the next day or two. Yet the time grew as the question became deeper. And the lesser demons fell away, going off to answer questions they could, rather than listening for the story or the lesson from the older demons. Even the lesser angels fell away and the human guides. Well they did have other things to do. It wasn’t just boredom.

The question was deeper than any this witch had asked before. And only the demons who were fallen angels were left in the room. They knew the older wisdom as well as their angelic brothers and sisters did. And contrary to the lore, they had not forgotten it.

Which was much as the witch had expected. And what she was counting on. Because she had worried that the angels might not be willing to share. But the old demons might, if only to cause trouble. Though they did like sharing knowledge and their lesser demons often weren’t interested in the old wisdom. They just wanted to prank the humans and angels. Not that that wasn’t fun….

Both angels and demons agreed….This witch was stronger than they’d known before. One to watch from now on.

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