With the Constitution of the USA on the line – Which Philosophers Influenced its Framers?

With the Constitution of the USA on the line – Which Philosophers Influenced its Framers?

I thought it might be of interest as it’s discussed endlessly this week.

The ones listed below all wrote from the POV of the Greco-Roman model, Judao-Christian belief, and mostly the Enlightenment period of Philosophy. Don’t forget that many of the framers were thought to be Free Masons as well.

They discussed the role of society, the govt and the will of the people. They discussed the rights of the people as well. What common values and ideals were. What govt structure should look like, whether it should be a monarchy or one leader model or a congress, senate form. Whether it should have a populace or govt run/owned economy and if it should be free or not. They discussed how free the citizens should be; slaves, servants or freedmen and women. Some didn’t much like women. (j./s)

There were questions about whether any govt type could or should last forever, or evolve as society changes. Leaning more toward money, business,commerce or meeting the people’s needs. I don’t think they came up with something that met both paradigms though.

If you know these philosophers, then you know that at least some had ‘interesting’ lives and opinions. Does that mean their ideas were less sound when it came to govt structures? IDK

This post is as involved as you want it to be. You can stop here or look thru the links. And you could find out far more than you ever wanted to know about their theories and backgrounds online.

This week is history in the making for the USA. I hope you’re learning something beyond what the DEMs and REPs are telling you. You may yet need it.



  • Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau



  • add Voltaire, Beccaria, Wollstonecraft



  • add Machiavelli, James Harrington, Thomas Paine, John Stuart Mill



  • add St Thomas Aquinas

Friedrich Nietzsche vs Trump – We Need Truth and Illusion – Honesty and Arts – Some hard questions

Friedrich Nietzsche vs Trump – We Need Truth and Illusion – Honesty and Arts – Some hard questions

the weight of this discussion is that 2 capitol officers and 4 civilians have died and more events are being planned as of now. Jan 20th 2021 is going to be a battle.

Friedrich Nietzsche listed a few values that he felt we should have as humans, whether or not we are believers in God, or think we have a soul. He felt there were some values that should transcend religious belief. Should be considered moral or ethical, despite a lack of faith or belonging to a religion.

And according to Nietzsche, the values of truth and escapsim into a world of art and magic or illusion don’t cancel each other out. I guess it’s a matter of knowing which is which? When is a lie a story, or a kindness and when is it a prevarication of the truth? A truth that needs to be told to protect a country and it’s people. And not just the current butt in the seat, but the greater role the POTUS has in the world and the United Nations and it’s Security Council. What do they ask of a POTUS or other politicians? Or at a state level too.

For months (years? decades? centuries?)) we’ve been hearing lies from the politicians and media about what we should reasonably expect from them, but doesn’t it still come back to our own sense of truth and right/wrong?

So ask yourself, what is the purpose of a lie? Or is there one?:

An actor can tell us a story, and we should get interested in the story, but only believe they are telling the truth if it’s a docu-drama. Otherwise it’s ‘based on truth’ not actual truth. It could become true, but it’s not currently so.

A news/media source can only lie if the post is in the comics section?

A person can tell someone they look lovely if it’s their wedding day, if you want to sleep with them ever again, or if they just gave birth and are a sweaty mess. And their baby is always cute, right?

Or must we err on the side of honesty?

Can you separate integrity and honesty? Can you lie if it’s for a good purpose? Though you run the risk of someone finding out that you lied and never believing you again. And defeating your purpose if it’s in the arena of court where dishonesty negates your value as a witness.

When is silence a lie?

Can you lie to cover for someone who is seeking privacy? And under what terms? Is a secret a lie? Is a half-truth a lie? When should you blow the whistle? Esp these days when people face civil censure under the terms of non-disclosure agreements. Does the loyalty of staff or media supercede their responsibilities? Or their careers? Eventually they do have to answer for their own morals, not just the person they’re covering for. When will they call it? When it amounts to murder, sexual assault, child abuse or treason?

I think this is the larger truth within this presidency especially. And for any elected official or reporter with any integrity to say they knew what was going on at some point but failed to disclose it, to continue with their careers seems problematic to me. Should the agencies that hired these people be able to keep their certifications? Esp the REP party?

Right now, media outlets, social media sites and both the REP and DEM parties of the USA are caught up in this question. (With some Canadian politicians in the same camp.) What did they know and when? When is it a lie? And when do they need to disclose or face charges for sedition?

As for social media, do we feel sorry for the people who were just trying to provide a cool unmoderated hang out on the web, and got caught up in the crime of the century? Or do we close them down?

But now it’s not just me or you asking what their role was in this crime…. it’s the FBI. Because Trump could not have done all this on his own, could he have? He needed their collusion and he got it.

For the citizens who aren’t all conversant in the Constitution and the Criminal Code of the USA, should they be protected or will they more likely face most of the consequences? While the powerful and well-represented by lawyers keep everything? Because treason is a capital offence…..

Welcome to a new age in politics? This is something the USA won’t get out from under for years to come.

Trump and Crockett – The Alamo revisited?

Trump and Crockett – The Alamo revisited?

Trump’s goodbye tour is going to swing by Alamo Texas (not where the fight actually was though!) …. My humour being what it is…. I just want to know what Davy Crockett would think of Trump?

Trump wants to see his YUGE fence! I mean the infernal wall

Davy Crockett

  • was poor (what would he think of a trustfund baby?),
  • educated
    (what would he think of someone who paid others to take their exams?),
  • a politician who fought for the poor (what would he think of Trump’s allegiance to the corporatocracy?)
  • and a soldier who died for his idea of what his country was (what would he think of draft dodger ‘Bone Spurs’?).
  • A faithful married man (what would he think of a twice divorced man who cheated on his wives?)
  • but yeah even Davy was a Republican (sighs! Can’t have everything?)

(Of all the possibilities of songs and ballads about Crockett, I picked this one cuzz I adore me his voice!!)

FBI Investigations, UN and World Discussions – Sedition, Treason, Insurrection -Which Side of History will your leaders be on?

FBI Investigations, UN and World Discussions – Sedition, Treason, Insurrection -Which Side of History will your leaders be on?

definitions of:


There is some presumption that it requires more than one person to act in such a manner, isn’t there? So in the 2nd time in the USA’s history , the govt has come to serious acts/crimes in their efforts to retain power. To subvert the transition of power.

So US citizens, look at your state, at the governors and senators who represent you:

  • What roll did they play in this plot?
  • And what do you intend to do about it?
    This was incited by those in power.
  • Can you allow your fellow citizens to take the fall for their acts?
  • How much weight do you put behind your leaders when they advise you about political and legal matters?

The REP party, their governors, senators, lawyers and even the MSN press-corp who have been following the campaign and the mass social media accounts of the Trump campaign.

  • How much are they now culpable for the fact that 5 people died because of the actions of the crowd at the Capitol on Wed Jan 6, 2021?

Two bldgs had bombs in, two bldgs were assaulted by the incited crowd and hostages were held in the Capitol of the USA. 5 people died, one was a police officer. I hope you agree that is about more than one sitting lame duck with hurt feefees.

Something to ponder as things move forward in the investigations, isn’t it?

for more info

un. org
cnbc – Pelosi
usatoday – Pence


vanity fair – Raskin interview
cbc – Canada, Germany, UK PMs

……. social media sites lock out Trump’s accts – free speech doesn’t include sedition.

globalnews – Twitter
independent.co.uk – Facebook and Instagram

Trump’s and the Gov of The USA’s Murder Board – the election coup – Though he has FINALLY conceded!!

Trump’s and the Gov of The USA’s Murder Board – the election coup – Though he has FINALLY conceded!!

Campaign issues

During the campaign, Trump misdirected the people about the pandemic, the economy, and isolated his country from scientists and health agencies who wanted to help his people survive. He tried to subvert the UN, WHO, FDA and CDC as they attempted to do their jobs to help others. And even undermined his own chosen advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci, even refusing briefings from the Covid Task Force, led by Fauci.


There was one check sent to assist the people of the country, 2nd pending? Since Mar 2020, Americans have received $1200.00.


Conspiracy theories were spread by his campaign about outside countries interfering with the election. China, Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Italy….
There was a cabal of ‘deep south’ pedophilic people who had a dark plane that were working against the country and him as POTUS. (Does that remind anyone else of Trump’s friend Epstein?)


He incited his followers to act against BLM protests. And protestors. He intruded on states’ and governors’ autonomy and sent military, and riot troops from prisons to act as ‘security’ for state bldgs. He incited militia and racist groups to act against the BLM protestors.


His friends and backers (ie DeJoy) attempted to subvert the mail to interrupt applications for mailin ballots and mailin ballots themselves.

Election held

Because he didn’t like the results of Biden’s having a higher # of votes, he challenged the results. So many lawsuits were filed right up to the SCOTUS. All were found to have no merit. No evidence.
He attempted to bribe, coerce Georgian officials and governors into changing the # of votes.
He worked with REP senators to impede the certification of the Electoral College votes.


On social media sites, he incited his cult to refuse to honour the election results.

Coup attempt

He helped organize, support and attended/spoke at the ‘peaceful rally’ on Jan 6, 2021. He specifically directed his cult to go to the Capitol bldg and protest the certification vote.
Some of the REP senators participated at the Capitol.


He did not see to the safety of the Congress or Senate officials that were in the bldg. He did not see that proper security measures were taken for their safety. Even though he knew that past attempts had been made on Governors’ lives and safety by his cult.
He knew some of his followers were violent. And known to be this by the FBI.


Four people died on Capitol hill during the coup attempt. One was shot by the police. Three had medical incidents that they couldn’t get attendance for during the siege.


Over 50 police officers were injured. One required hospitalization.


Bombs were found all over DC. A truck was found with weapons, and molotov cocktails in it. Many of the coup members were armed.


The capitol police appeared to let in the insurgents. And take selfies with them. At least two commanders have been fired as a result.


It was the Secret Service who called for support to keep Mike Pence (VP) and Kamala Harris (VP-elect) safe that triggered aid to the Capitol bldg. It was not the Capitol police who did so.


At the governor of Washington DC’s home, cult intruders broke thru the fence. The family was not home at the time.

call it sedition, treason, or insurgence

You might even call it terrorism(?) though according to the ICCT ‘s used definitions would be that Trump himself isn’t a terrorist. He could be seen as inciting terrorism in this act. And as bldg a template for future terrorists to use.

what is the remedy?

If you call for the 25th ammendment, it might undermine the possibility of Trump being prosecuted for his crimes. You’d in effect be saying that his mind is fragile and he may not be responsible for his actions.

If you call for impeachment, you blame him. There were entire agencies, including the govt of the country who were in colluson with him and his cult. Do you want only the rabid monkey out front? Or do you want to make sure it never occurs again?

Can and will Pence ‘pardon’ Trump? Biden says he won’t.

….. the investigation

The FBI is calling for info about the crowd members at the Capitol. If you know who they are, please notify them.
You should know though that so far most of the 90 arrests in the past two days have been due to curfew violations, rather than threats, violence, weapons or intruding into the Capitol or the Governor’s house.

for more info


Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 4 – Rise up worker? (a story)

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 4 – Rise up worker?

In the 1844 Manuscripts, Marx identifies four dimensions of alienated labour in contemporary capitalist society (MECW 3: 270–282).

Fourth , and finally, immediate producers are separated from their own human nature; for instance, the human capacities for community and for free, conscious, and creative, work, are both frustrated by contemporary capitalist relations.


These changes had scared Worker 2020-AJ. He sat down with his wife and poured his heart out to her. They put some serious thought into his options.

Worker 2020-AJ didn’t have any land so he could farm. Or even enough so they could make a garden and sell preserves or fresh veg and fruit. He didn’t have a building so he could store things and sell them either. He was no guild’s man so he couldn’t make anything anyone would buy. He didn’t even have enough education to move into management. So what were his options? He just couldn’t continue like this. And the factory was the only place that was really employing people in town.

So what could they do? They didn’t even have enough money to relocate if there was a job in another town. Now what? The kids needed shelter, clothing, food…. that stuff.

His wife came up with a solution that he found hard to hear, but it would work. She’d take the kids to her parents and get a job there. He’d move into a bedsit on his own. For a few months, till they could save some money. He’d send money to support them. And look for a job closer to her parents.

It sounded like a good plan. It should have worked too. But there was always something that needed to be paid for. And finding a job for either of them was harder than they thought. It seemed like they were sinking deeper into debt than before.

And he struggled at work, he cried lonely tears at home. And felt sadder each month that went by. His wife barely recognized him on their rare visits. He rarely smiled or laughed anymore. He was no longer the man she had married and trusted to always take care of their family. And neither of them thought he’d return. Her parents were criticizing and mocking the man he had become, rather than supporting the family. And she kind of agreed with them.

Worker 2020-AJ was stuck in the traces. And that didn’t look like it would change any time soon. – the end

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 3 – While away, yet not away? (a story)

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 3 – While away, yet not away?

In the 1844 Manuscripts, Marx identifies four dimensions of alienated labour in contemporary capitalist society (MECW 3: 270–282).

Third , immediate producers are separated from other individuals; contemporary economic relations socialise individuals to view others as merely means to their own particular ends.

Worker 2020-AJ received a call from his supervisor, asking if he was willing to do a special assignment shift at another factory. He would be given travel and hotel. & meal fees and a shift bonus of $2000.00 each day over a week away from home.

Worker 2020-AJ looked at the bills piling up and at his wife’s eyes before saying yes. His supervisor said the van would pick him up at his home in the morning.

Worker 2020-AJ had never really travelled much, so he asked if he’d get a chance to sight-see in the town. The supervisor said the hours would be pretty long and he might be tired. There would be no extra days at the site that he’d have open. Hmmm ok. Maybe next time.

The next morning, the van arrived and Worker 2020-AJ got in. He and the driver were separated with plexi-glass so they couldn’t talk easily. He was taken to drop his bags off at the hotel. And given a company card for his meals. Then driven to the factory site to begin work that day.

The factory was smaller than his. He was put into a closet basically and given a computer to work from. With a code and iinstruction sheet for the day. And expected to get on with it. So he did.

Every once in a while, Worker 2020-AJ could see that someone was tracking his activity online. But there was no real feedback, besides the fact there was no real feedback. Sometimes no news is good news.

At noon, Worker 2020-AJ heard a knock on the door and received a sandwhich and some fruit as well as a couple different bottles of drink. And he used the bathroom attached to the closet.

At the end of the shift he was summoned by the van driver, over the intercom. And went back to the hotel. Where he ordered a meal to his room. His supervisor was right. He was dog tired. After eating he fell asleep. That was his week.

When he arrived home, his wife and kids were happy to see Worker 2020-AJ . Which was nice but a little over-stimulating. Since he hadn’t really communicated with anyone in a week. Let alone touched anyone.

Worker 2020-AJ was so tired he went to bed early. And slept the sleep of the oppressed. The nightmare he had been having all week came back again. Where he was in a stadium, naked. And in every seat was a monster cog, pointing and laughing at him. When he woke up screaming, his wife tried to reassure him. But he couldn’t tolerate her touch. So he ran to the bathroom and cowered in the tub. With the shower-curtain closed. Where he dozed the night away.

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 2 – When the worker is more than chained to the job. (a story)

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation 2 – When the worker is more than chained to the job.

In the 1844 Manuscripts, Marx identifies four dimensions of alienated labour in contemporary capitalist society (MECW 3: 270–282).

Second , immediate producers are separated from their productive activity; in particular, they are forced to work in ways which are mentally and/or physically debilitating.


Worker 2020-AJ went to work the next day at plant B1 first shift. He had never worked this shift before so he went to the office to find out where they wanted him first.

The bldg manager came out and pointed him to a van waiting in the pkg lot. Worker 2020-AJ went to the van, and was motioned to the back door. So he climbed in. It was dark, and all he could do to confirm others were in there was listen for rustling or coughs. He had no idea how many were there, and no one was talking so he kept quiet as well.

The van was driving as if it was in a race. And the way it was taking corners, made Worker 2020-AJ wonder if they were on a track rather than on streets. They must be on a highway.

When they arrived, Worker 2020-AJ had lost track of time. They were walked down a corridor and into a room of reclining chairs. He was strapped into the last one, and told to keep his eye on the belt. A cuff was placed on his upper arm to read his blood pressure, and an oxometer was placed on his finger. Worker 2020-AJ was getting nervous.

Then the belt began. It was going faster and faster, gauging how fast he could work. When it got to the top speed, he passed out. The nurse revived him with smelling salts and started the machine up again. Faster and faster till the speed just before he passed out. This time he struggled thru. Till several hours later, when he was allowed a half hour rest. He was told to walk around and given water, high glucose cookies and a bathroom key. Then returned to the chair.

As Worker 2020-AJ got tired, he passed out again. The nurse revived him and the belt was reset for his new need. Finally he was released from the shift at this plant and sent back to his usual post at plant B1 – line 24 second shift.

When Worker 2020-AJ was finally done, he went home. Passed the office that was closed early for some reason. So the curtains were closed and he couldn’t see the objects they made.

Worker 2020-AJ arrived home a bit late, and found his kids were in bed, so he couldn’t tell them the story of his part in the greater piece. He had a tea with his wife instead. He didn’t say anything about the first shift. He didn’t want to worry her.

When he fell asleep, Worker 2020-AJ was chased by a herd of the cogs and took some time waking from the bad dream. He woke up wrapped in his sheets and screamed and fought his way out of them. His wife held him, trying to reassure him that he was safe at home. That took some time and lovemaking to achieve.

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation – When You are More a Robot Than a Worker or Colleague (a story)

Karl Marx’ Theory of Alienation – When You are More a Robot Than a Worker or Colleague

In the 1844 Manuscripts , Marx identifies four dimensions of alienated labour in contemporary capitalist society (MECW 3: 270–282).

First , immediate producers are separated from the product of their labour; they create a product that they neither own nor control, indeed, which comes to dominate them. (Note that this idea of “fetishism”—where human creations escape our control, achieve the appearance of independence, and come to oppress us—is not to be equated with alienation as such, but is rather one form that it can take.)


Worker 2020-AJ showed up for his shift at plant B1 – line 24 second shift. Having had his coffee and toast, he turned on the machine. He was given the day’s quota he must produce and began work, alone. Though every hour on the hour he felt the breath of his line supervisor on his neck. No words were exchanged. There wasn’t time, unless the line needed to be stopped. And Worker 2020-AJ knew there were very few circumstances that allowed the line to be stopped. And his safety wasn’t one of them. Neither was talking to the supervisor. So he let the line continue, and kept his mouth shut.

When his work was done for the day, Worker 2020-AJ passed by the office and gift shop as he walked out the door, heading for his car. To keep his balance and bearings in the line of workers he only saw in the break room, he glanced at the glass walls of the gift shop. There were some of the products the company made on display. But he had no idea where his little piece was in the completed item for sale. He just knew it was in there, or they were selling an incomplete product, and that would be illegal to do. He was pretty sure the company were skin-flints, but not that bad.

Worker 2020-AJ arrived home and greeted his wife and kids. The kids asked what he had done that day, And he drew a diagram of the item and where it was supposed to be in the object when it was assembled. The kids looked at him in awe. But all he could do was shrug. It’s not like he remembered each piece as it screamed and hissed by him so fast he had to be careful his arm didn’t get caught, or that he didn’t get dizzy from the speed of the belt going by him. Some of the workers actually fainted and had to be changed to another line when it happened. When they got back from the hospital.

Worker 2020-AJ went to bed after supper cuzz tomorrow he had a double shift. They were short-handed tomorrow and his supervisor had asked him to do the extra shift. There were school fees and dentist’s bills due so he agreed.

That was getting harder and harder to do, cuzz Worker 2020-AJ was feeling himself slip further and further away. And he didn’t know how to stop it.

Worker 2020-AJ slept the sleep of the oppressed. Where a giant cog he had spent the day producing was chasing him. He woke up dismayed cuzz his sheets were soiled again.

Happy NY? Well Australia hasn’t blown up yet…. so good sign then?

Happy NY? Well Australia hasn’t blown up yet…. so good sign then?

🎤 tap tap is this on? 🎤
Well let’s tune up! 🎹 doh doh me so 🤤
For some reason I just got hungry.
Is everyone in key?🎸🎻
Well it’s time to welcome in the new year folks!

🎺🎷 shh!

Don’t wake the 👶 NY! Mom just got him to sleep. He had terrors after Father TIme and Old Man 2020 told him what had been. And Father Time told him what may come in the NY. There was something about mass starvation, homelessness, silly folk protesting over nothing, forest fires, earthquakes, pandemic waves getting worse and worse, and people in need begging for help only to be ignored, oligarchs and fascists rising, revolt, civil war over an election….. (writer starts sucking thumb and whining)

Were there good things? Yes and more to come! But the shadow always seems to scare the baby 👶 NY (and the writer!).
Ok 👶 NY is awake now. And fairly calm. We can play his welcome song now!
ahem cough cough No that’s not the virus, just clearing my throat! Yes just tested, you silly beggar!
Anyways! Hear we go! 💨 🎤🎧

. . .
🎹 🎶
Happy New Year to you all
Now don’t be a silly sod!
It’ll be better once we get the hang of it
But wave goodbye to 2019 it’s gone

Time to try on some new clothes
And don’t be an emperor about it
No one wants to see your bits and bobs!

Happy New Year tis time to celebrate
Raise some champers and zoom away
Hope you got the candy I sent you
Is the postal service still running now?

Now don’t cry, don’t shout
Santa’s been and gone.

Tis time to sing and dance tonight
The 👶🍼 NY is here
Though the delivery was hard.

Happy New Year to us all
Let’s pray for a good survival rate,

. . .
Hey guys! Why are you all crying??
Awww we’ll get thru this, You’ll see!

(knock knock) aww hell! We just got a ticket for singing.
Lordy lordy times they are a changing!

Anyways! May you find light in the dark to guide you
and strong fingers with which to hang on.

Happy New Year!!

🎤 (squeal screech) ooops sorry!!