A New Look at Echo and Narcissus? (a story)

A New Look at Echo and Narcissus?

A goddess who could have no voice of her own. And a godling who saw nothing but his own beauty. A goddess who became enraptured with him. And a godling who had no attention to spare for her. And they pined for their love till they died. Leaving nothing behind but his mirror and her echo. Or was it something else?


Everyday Narcissus went down to the river to see what the waters had to show him today. His colleagues laughed and said he was in love with himself. That he was pining over his beauty in the waters.

But no, that wasn’t it.

Narcissus was looking for signs of the future in the waters. What his colleagues hadn’t seen was the wand in the skirts of his robe. And that was on purpose. He had hidden it.

What they didn’t see was when he shifted it to his sleeve and hid it there. It looked like he was waving his arm in the water to clear it of debris so he could see his face. What he was actually doing was incanting his spellworks. Calling for his goddess Echo.
Praying for her good will and help.

Narcissus was convinced that the world was in trouble and he had to find out what Echo knew. He was sure she’d tell him.
And she did. Every right answer he had, she echoed. Every sound guess he made, she mimicked. So his knowledge grew.

And no one was the wiser.

The last day that Narcissus drew breath. he had the whole picture and was rising to go and tell the priests at the temple…..

But his colleagues decided to teach him a lesson. And they shoved him in the waters he had just appeared to be staring into.
And his head struck a rock. In the seconds of his death,
Narcissus screamed in pain and hopelessness. And his colleagues started when they heard it bounce over every rock and tree nearby as Echo amplified it.

The priests came running to see what had the goddess riled. They found the godling dead, and his colleagues laughing.

And the priests threw them out of the temple. They carried Narcissus’ body to their temple and carefully tended to it’s wrapping and mummification.

They rose his spirit to tell them of his final moments. And he gave them the details of the vision.

The priests were able to change the story so that the Greek empire fell instead of the world. Better if they were defeated than dead, They could always regain their ground. Someday.

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