Ghost in the Machine (a story)

Ghost in the Machine

Raz had a problem… His brain and his body worked at two different speeds. Brain on fast and body on slow. It was like they weren’t even attached. Maybe they never had been.

This made it hard for him to get thru his days. Those who followed his brain thought his body should move faster. Those who followed his body thought his brain was slow and dealt with him accordingly.

Raz wasn’t sure what to do about it.

Except maybe to deal with people online or on the phone, so that he was treated the way his mind worked.

But sooner or later, he had to meet most of them. He hoped they would remember how fast his brain worked, but so far everyone had switched gears after the meeting.

Raz didn’t know what to do.

Till someone suggested getting a dog that would fetch and carry on his command. He could explain that the dog was in training and stay in his chair.

It worked too! At least for the first while. But sooner or later everyone expected the dog to be trained and Raz to do the moving. And he ran out of excuses.

Raz’s body was slow, people were cruel and Raz knew fully what would happen. People don’t want to change, even when they know they’re hurting someone’s feelings.

So try two. Raz made a machine that did the fetching and carrying.

Then Raz was also an innovator. It was harder for people to deny that Raz’s brains were behind the machine. But some gossipped that he might be lying about being the machine’s creator.

The machine did work better dealing with people’s attitudes than the dog or Raz on his own did.

But the flaw wasn’t that Raz’s body was slow or that his mind was fast. It also wasn’t that people were cruel. That was all true, but they were the constants. No matter what other factors existed.

Raz couldn’t change the people’s attitudes, nor anything about his mind being fast and his body being slow.

But what he could change was letting it hurt him that people were cruel.

Or keep only the people around him who saw him as his machine’s creator and driver and continued to see him as smart. They could be his buffer. One he even hired as his assistant.

Between the dog, the machine, and the buffer assistant, Raz began his better life. No matter what the ignorant people did.

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