2 officers down due to the Capitol Siege – Why is one the only one people think of?

2 officers down due to the Capitol Siege – Why is one the only one people think of?

Normally I’m not in the habit of blaming a suicide death on anyone. But in this case, considering the timing, isn’t an officer who stands thru a siege but falls to suicide 3 days later ‘injured’ by the event as if he were shot or battered with a flag?

We know so much about PTSD and the building mental crisis of trauma that I should think so. But very little of the chatter since the siege has even mentioned his death. Not even in the souls lost list of that day.

Very little has been done to honour this officer’s life or sacrifice. Beyond lowering the Senate flag on Sunday for both officers.

I don’t know how to list the wrongs I see in this, or even who to blame. But this should be corrected. I wish I knew what to say to change things, so an officer who falls by suicide is considered injured on the job. Like any fallen colleagues would be.

There is a little progress with this issue in the military of Canada. Recently our country’s tradition of the silver star mother was broadened to include a soldier who fell by suicide after serving in Afghanistan. I think that is an awesome sign of progress.

What will be the point when we can at least acknowledge that someone has died in the roll call of an event’s injuries?


Howard Liebengood who was a 2nd gen Capitol officer committed suicide Saturday after being in the siege.

Brian Sicknick succumbed to his injuries on Thursday. After he had collapsed at the station.

Three insurgents died due to medical emergencies during the siege and one was shot by police. Since she was a vet , do we fully consider her a bad actor, a full participant? Or a vet who was impaired and influenced by the wrong crowd?

Over 50 officers were injured.


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