Argue – justice, protection, what about belonging? How do you be greedy or steal if you want to stay in the group?

Argue – justice, protection, what about belonging? How do you be greedy or steal if you want to stay in the group?

Resources are something groups share, right? Each person to their needs, each person fairly gets what their share is. And each person gives what they can. In work, support, bonding….

Wanting to belong for many people is a form of protection for the group. Few people are willing to risk losing the protection of the group if they have enough for themselves and those they love.

But in a time of upheaval, more people become destitute. More groups get targeted, more people become disenfranchised. Because they believe resources are scarcer, more people become desperate and act in ways that are hostile to their group. Figuring that they won’t have to pay consequences. Maybe because they are insiders and can explain away their actions and worries. Without considering that the group might turn on them.

And they’re partly right. The consequences would be much worse if they were outsiders. But that doesn’t erase all consequences, does it?

And they figure that the group will show compassion since they might be in the same boat. But that’s not necessarily true either. People who are scared about their own safety and needs won’t give away what they need, esp to someone who has the same perceived resources or access to them as they do. That doesn’t mean they won’t share, just not with an equal.

Why should they? They believe they are limited in what they have as well.

So people in this time are discouraged from being greedy and stealing. By social shaming, if not fines and incarceration. And in some cases, by excommunication.

Some people underestimate how much trust and respect are oil in social bonds. And what appears like a lesser ‘crime’ is in fact in many ways a worse one. Because you have betrayed the group. Not just one person. Like most crimes do.

It’s really surprised me how Trump and his family have gotten away with so much known grifting during their reign of terror. Because these days many people in the USA are homeless, reliant on foodbanks and unemployed. The US govt has failed to provide free health care and money so the citizens of the country can survive. AND the Trumps are grifting. But still they got just under half of the votes available in the election. AND their supporters are willing to risk charges to support their claim to the seat of power. Knowing they are thieves and liars.

It’s really odd, considering the natural instincts of human nature would be counter to that. By instinct. I hope someone can explain to me why this is the tone of the day.

Because US citizens should be used to the DEMs and REPs taking turns at the seat. Esp if they are working for the govt at some level. Or more familiar with the ebbs and flows of governance and it’s cycles. People like cops, military and vets, or senators, governors or other politicians. They seem more desperate than necessary to hold on to this cycle.

They should be used to these transitions of power. What they shouldn’t be used to though is a grifter in that seat. It’s confusing to me.

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