Friedrich Nietzsche vs Trump – We Need Truth and Illusion – Honesty and Arts – Some hard questions

Friedrich Nietzsche vs Trump – We Need Truth and Illusion – Honesty and Arts – Some hard questions

the weight of this discussion is that 2 capitol officers and 4 civilians have died and more events are being planned as of now. Jan 20th 2021 is going to be a battle.

Friedrich Nietzsche listed a few values that he felt we should have as humans, whether or not we are believers in God, or think we have a soul. He felt there were some values that should transcend religious belief. Should be considered moral or ethical, despite a lack of faith or belonging to a religion.

And according to Nietzsche, the values of truth and escapsim into a world of art and magic or illusion don’t cancel each other out. I guess it’s a matter of knowing which is which? When is a lie a story, or a kindness and when is it a prevarication of the truth? A truth that needs to be told to protect a country and it’s people. And not just the current butt in the seat, but the greater role the POTUS has in the world and the United Nations and it’s Security Council. What do they ask of a POTUS or other politicians? Or at a state level too.

For months (years? decades? centuries?)) we’ve been hearing lies from the politicians and media about what we should reasonably expect from them, but doesn’t it still come back to our own sense of truth and right/wrong?

So ask yourself, what is the purpose of a lie? Or is there one?:

An actor can tell us a story, and we should get interested in the story, but only believe they are telling the truth if it’s a docu-drama. Otherwise it’s ‘based on truth’ not actual truth. It could become true, but it’s not currently so.

A news/media source can only lie if the post is in the comics section?

A person can tell someone they look lovely if it’s their wedding day, if you want to sleep with them ever again, or if they just gave birth and are a sweaty mess. And their baby is always cute, right?

Or must we err on the side of honesty?

Can you separate integrity and honesty? Can you lie if it’s for a good purpose? Though you run the risk of someone finding out that you lied and never believing you again. And defeating your purpose if it’s in the arena of court where dishonesty negates your value as a witness.

When is silence a lie?

Can you lie to cover for someone who is seeking privacy? And under what terms? Is a secret a lie? Is a half-truth a lie? When should you blow the whistle? Esp these days when people face civil censure under the terms of non-disclosure agreements. Does the loyalty of staff or media supercede their responsibilities? Or their careers? Eventually they do have to answer for their own morals, not just the person they’re covering for. When will they call it? When it amounts to murder, sexual assault, child abuse or treason?

I think this is the larger truth within this presidency especially. And for any elected official or reporter with any integrity to say they knew what was going on at some point but failed to disclose it, to continue with their careers seems problematic to me. Should the agencies that hired these people be able to keep their certifications? Esp the REP party?

Right now, media outlets, social media sites and both the REP and DEM parties of the USA are caught up in this question. (With some Canadian politicians in the same camp.) What did they know and when? When is it a lie? And when do they need to disclose or face charges for sedition?

As for social media, do we feel sorry for the people who were just trying to provide a cool unmoderated hang out on the web, and got caught up in the crime of the century? Or do we close them down?

But now it’s not just me or you asking what their role was in this crime…. it’s the FBI. Because Trump could not have done all this on his own, could he have? He needed their collusion and he got it.

For the citizens who aren’t all conversant in the Constitution and the Criminal Code of the USA, should they be protected or will they more likely face most of the consequences? While the powerful and well-represented by lawyers keep everything? Because treason is a capital offence…..

Welcome to a new age in politics? This is something the USA won’t get out from under for years to come.

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