Santa’s Troubles 2 – As things morphed and grew (a story)

Santa’s Troubles 2 – As things morphed and grew

There were the three groups of elves, the orphanages and work houses where the children lived, and authority was the govt, bank, church and the union in the first story……

And Santa’s enterprise seemed more like a charity in many ways. His workers did volunteer, but they also received adequate housing, food, clothing and had no debt. Neither did Santa. Whatever their level of training, the elves also seemed to have an equal interest in the enterprise. Which lets out most business structures, except maybe a cooperative?

So far, Santa has focused on trade, solely. But what if he decided to add an element? What could he do? And does he have the needed reputation to draw and sustain any other side enterprise and keep the current one running at capacity?

It seems he may have come up with an idea. Santa is good at ideas, but he often needs help and/or money to bring them to light.

This time, Santa thought of arranging tours thru the growing village. He sat the elves down and asked if this was ok and if it was, how could they do it?

The misfit elves offered to make extra toys and man the booths where the visitors could play games and buy momentos and gifts to celebrate their days. They signed up a work roster and went off to start planning a surprise for Santa. Santa thought that might be a yes.

The grunt elves in uniforms thought they could build a visitors center where the people could come and relax between tours and maybe have some cookies and milk. They did a quick sketch to show Santa what they were thinking. And when he smiled, they ran off to collect materials and some goats, sheep and llamas for milks. And a few nuts for those who couldn’t drink from an animal, or didn’t want to. Santa took that as a yes.

The guild elves in tam hats and ties sat and pondered about things like reputation, incentives, price indexes, who their target audience was and what that person might look like, and what their themes and insignia were, their brands. And gave Santa a few sheets to read. Santa was duly impressed and also thought that was a yes.

A few of the guild elves put together a few ads they could post and wrote a catchy jingle that they thought people might like and hum. And did everything they could to make it into an earworm.

Officially each elf group said yes when they saw all the others were ready to work on the new project and Santa took the ads into town.

He went to the govt, the bank, the union and the church for money again. This time they at least knew his name. But they still laughed when he asked for money.

And they came to inspect his progress in a few weeks. They saw the center, the new toys, sampled the cookies and milk and rested by the fire. They watched the misfit elves’ little show for the visitors, the surprise for Santa and clapped. But they still said Santa had nothing to offer them of value. He was still counting heads. And there just weren’t enough heads.

A year down the road, people had come and gone, there were high traffic days and low ones, storm days and holidays, Days that cost more than they took in to keep open and others that practically made a year’s worth in one day. And sometimes Santa just said the elves needed a break and they all went to the beach. One guild elf kept a note.

The govt, the bank, the union and the church came back and told Santa that he had to pay insurance for all those visitors, and had to protect the elves from threats, like pandemics, terrorists and accidents.

Santa said he had no money, cuzz most people paid in groceries or traded their toy for a day at the village and Santa let them. So he asked if he could borrow the cost. Each gave him a dollar and took it back again. And they left.

So nothing much had changed between morning and evening that day. Which Santa was thrilled to see. He also learned a very important lesson…. Don’t invite authority to your business or village if you want to keep a few dollars in your pocket and your self esteem.

After all, Santa, the elves and the visitors all thought they had a good thing going. But to authority, it was nothing much at all. Santa sighed.

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