Anti-Vaxxers & SARS CoV2/Covid 19 – Why are they refusing to take the vaccines?

Anti-Vaxxers & SARS CoV2/Covid 19 – Why are they refusing to take the vaccines?

It may seem really simple to you…. There is a pandemic on and public health is telling us to get a vaccine. So we should, right? (Or is that you being privileged, thinking it’s that easy?)


what if all your life you’ve been taught that authority isn’t something you can trust, esp not the govt? Your family has bought guns, stockpiled food and other provisions, keep money in non-traceable savings, like gold or jewels, home school the kids, stuff like that. Would you think this person would run out and get a vaccine?


What if the person has no insurance, are currently unemployed, have no vehicle to get to the doctor or clinic that is giving the vaccines, or pay for their kid’s sitter who is too young to get the vaccine? Stuff like that. How can you make this available to them?


What if their boss is a slave-driver who works you dawn to dusk and tells you they can’t let you take time off and if you try, they’ll fire you. You’ve seen them do it before over asking for a MDss appt. So you believe it. How can you cover them so they don’t lose their much needed job?

then they hear…..

Some story of people who get sick worse than if they’d just had the virus.

Or that the govt has put something in the vaccine to track them or control them.

Or that the vaccine has aborted fetal cells (and they’re Catholic or another religion that is anti-abortion) or a live virus in it.

Or that herd immunity is the best way to go for young healthy people. Vaccinate the elderly and sick so they don’t die. And the rest buckle down and ride it out. What they don’t hear is that young people are taking months to get better.


How will you change their concern to actually getting that vaccine?

Because that is who you have to convince.

What is your tactic to get them the vaccine?

Those are the people on social media who are discussing their concerns. It’s not just Trumpsters, though they sure are resisting as well. Even though the REPs are getting vaccinated online to show it’s safe, after all their hoax claims, some of their followers are still concerned.

Some people suggest…..

making travel, work or school linked to whether they have the vaccine or not. Do you think that would work? Some of these people have shown us what asking them to wear a mask in a store is like. And the protests are still going on for that.

the hospitals and congregate care/living centers.

It always comes back to how the frail and the people who care for them will cope. And with strains that are worse than wave one, they require more care, which means that more staff and centers are getting used. And they get full quicker. People get neglected more. So people die, and not necessarily of the virus. So how do we keep these safe(r)?

What is the answer?

Ask the person what their concern is, and see if you can address it.

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