Holiday Commercialism vs Actual Gifts – Shopping without Going in a Store

Holiday Commercialism vs Actual Gifts – Shopping without Going in a Store

Holidays this year are a mix of horror, grief and trying to overcome that to spread a little joy to those you can still love.

Without spending money you don’t have, or seeing them face to face. Without hunting thru store after store and putting your life at risk, and maybe theirs too, if you still can see them.

So 2020 is the year to let all your creative juices fly, isn’t it?

If you do have a little money, go online and get your hobby and crafters gift cards to their fave supply places. They know they will have the chance to pick out exactly what they want. When it’s safe to do so.

Or in the spirit of giving twice, make a donation to a charity you know they’d appreciate and put it in their name.

This year esp that charity could be a foodbank or religious org that you know gives out food and clothing hampers. Just be sure it’s one that actually puts their money into the consumers rather than admin. And again, in the name of the person you want to give a gift to.

If they are on paid sites on the web, and you are too, gift them membership fees for that site. It may mean you can spend time online with them as well.

If you know they’ll want to support their community’s businesses, then find little boutique or mom & pop stores in their town that are now under lockdown and get gift certificates for your loved one thru them, Again in their name. The store gets money to tide them over and your loved one gets a gift.

There are endless e-card sites where you can find something you think they’ll like.

For your avid readers who are missing their libraries, get them an online account for e-reading, like kindle. That way they can get whichever books and authors they enjoy.

Download their fave movies and songs and put together a playlist for them.


If you know they’re facing hardship this year and you’re in a position to help, get them grocery cards at a store near them that delivers. They can shop online.


And if you’re the one who lacks funds, there are free sites where you can practice your design skills and make them a card or sing them a song. Something to acknowledge the holiday with.


Whether it’s facebook messenger, skype or zoom, you can still interact with your loved ones and not feel like you or they are alone. And you’ll all be safe! Now that is a holiday worth having in 2020.
You can even turn this into a feast by ordering a meal from a locked down restaurant, and either pick up curbside or have it delivered. So you can eat while you visit.


And if this holiday is the one where you are grieving for someone, like many are, esp this year, many blessings and condolescences to you. If it’s unbearable, please reach out to a help line. You can get support to get thru it. Here is Canada’s


See Doug Ford? Business AND citizens can all be safe. πŸ™‚ Ontario citizens know exactly what I mean by this. πŸ˜‹


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