Mr Money Bags and Mr Bean Counter (a story)

Mr Money Bags and Mr Bean Counter –

King Midas decided it was time to make his rounds.  He went by the temple to see if they had been gathering their tithes. And of course they had,  Supplicants are good for one thing.  Their idea that God would punish them if they didn’t give some back to him. The priest mentioned the roof, the community kitchen and the craft fair idea he was raising funds for.  So King Midas gave a bit of the money back to him. That’s what good stewards do, after all.  King Midas was glad for the blessings. 🔑
Next King Midas went to gang HQ and asked about his shareholder dividends. He got a piece of every pie they had going.  He picked up some guns, spent time with a whore and took a hit for later, when he was on his own. And smiled as he walked away.  King Midas was glad for the tributes.  🔑
Then King Midas went to his office and checked with the CFO about his enterprises. The pharmacy was stocked, the papers were published, the websites were all on point and people were moving those clicks as they should. And the pot was collecting his gold.  Straight into the terrorists’ plot behind it all. King Midas was glad for his gold.  🔑
So he went to the meeting to see if his regents were leading the grunts in the daily squirmishes.  And of course they were.  So he handed them their pay. And endured the parade of grunts wanting to shake his hands.  Ah yes!  The true believers….. Who found reason in history and faith to blow things up. Cuzz they were tired of being the grunt.  King Midas often laughed that they never blamed him. Maybe they should have. A governor is kinder when they think the people are reasonably good eggs. King Midas was glad of their adoration.  🔑
King Midas thought he was safe. The magician pulling the rabbits out of the hats and counting all the tricks. Very few people knew his name, or anything about him but his handle.  He did love the secrecy of being the one in on the entire picture.  King Midas loved his privacy.  🔑
But he’d forgotten about the bean counter. Who had been following all these interactions straight thru to the bank. The bean counter who was about to turn it all over to the police. Follow the money and you find the head of the whole thing. No one knows that better than the bean counter. And King Midas, of course!   💰 💰 

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