Post- Apocalyptic World – The Village & Xenophobia (a story)

Post- Apocalyptic World – The Village & Xenophobia

We’d been isolated in the back of beyond for so so so long!! That we were kind of weirded out when a stranger came by. We gossiped a bit. I’m not proud of that, but you would too, wouldn’t you??

Then we went by to visit, so we could touch his hair, and his skin. Pretty. Soft! Nice. The ladies asked what product he used. And examined the seams in his sleeve. Well! Someone had been taking care of him.

Then the ladies lined up so he could examine them, in case he wanted to sleep with one of them. And they waited, and waited…. One of the men gently nudged him forward. Maybe that wasn’t a custom where he came from? Just how inbred were his folk anyways?

But he declined and went to the shack we said he could sleep in. And we gossiped a bit more before we went to bed.

The next morning, we went to see how he slept. And he had a family in there with him we’d never seen before!

Well now!

We looked high and low for some kind of magic tools, but there weren’t any! People grumbled, but we calmed them down with the fact that one family would be fine. We could feed all of them, right?

But this kept happening! Every night he went to bed alone. Every morning he woke up with a new family. The bet takers laid odds on how many there’d be in the morning, every night.

It was quite the curiousity! That shack got examined every night for magic tools. We posted guards around the village and the shack. Nobody came in or out during the night.

The wisest and the fools of the village had many discussions about how this was possible!! The villagers laughed over the answers of wise and fools.

We even tried putting him in a different shack. Same result though. He must have powerful magic, but from what??

Finally there were more of his family than the villagers. Then there were more than our villagers and the neighbouring ones too.

Needlessly to say we were a BIT worried. And curious still. Cuzz how the hell??

Some of the easily scared were talking about how things could go wrong if they decided they were in charge now. And some of the calmer ones couldn’t disagree. That might be a problem!

We did try to be the same as the first day, but soon enough the stranger caught wind that we were getting upset and talking. Behind their backs.

At first he hid the families that arrived each morning, but we still didn’t know how they got there.

Then he sent some away to live nearby, but not in town.

Then he married the older ones with our young folk. Was it to show they were invested in us? Or was there another reason?
But people were still grumbling!

His people started pitching in with the hunting and fishing. I gotta say that was certainly appreciated. Then they pitched in with the cooking and sewing. That was appreciated too.

But it didn’t seem to be enough!

So he sent his new arrivals away and some of the older ones too. But then we noticed that some of the people they married of ours went missing when their partner left.

Oh dear! We pined for our villagers we had known from birth. He was stunned. And quickly they returned. With their new partner.
You could see his head spinning trying to figure out a way to solve this dilemma.

Finally there were three villages made, one of the old, one of the new not yet paired up , and one of those of old and new paired.
And things settled down some. More over time.

But there was that hairy eyeball back and forth. Where someone watching the other wanted to know what was next?

And then another guy came across the horizon….

The scared ones chased him away. We weren’t going thru that! Ever again!

The next day, all the new folk had disappeared. They became just a story for our conscience. Cuzz their partners pined. And there was nothing we could do about it.

Now was there?

We had learned something though…. Strangers in the village caused all . kinds . of . trouble!! And were never allowed again.

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