When is it Called Terrorism?

When is it Called Terrorism?

Would you believe me if I told you that the word is so disputed that even the ‘experts’ can’t come to an agreement on it’s exact definition?

Where they most often agree though is that the actions are taken against an oppressive govt. By someone who feels alienated or disenfranchised.

It’s not some guy having a bad day either. Or someone of limited capacity who can’t understand what they’re doing. And yes it’ s a monstrous act, but it’s not done be a demon.

Usually they tell you ahead that something is going to happen because they’re upset. To build up the fear they want you to feel. Not always, but usually.

So how does the word get so overused?

Like all buzz-words, it gets picked up by the media and lay people and used for anything that scares you. And the more that is done, the more it gets exaggerated.

Maybe that helps it lose some power, some of it’s monstrous effect. So it’s demystified in your mind. But it can also mean that the opposite happens, that public opinion grows and can cause real harm to someone who was having a grumpy day and is now facing life imprisonment, or worse the death penalty.

Words have power, and we chose how and when we hear that word. So we need to be careful what context we use the word terrorism in.

Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism course by Leiden Univ/The Hague

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