What Can Your People (Family, Friends, Lovers, Colleagues) Make You Do?

What Can Your People (Family, Friends, Lovers, Colleagues) Make You Do?

When you’re a kid, you might be more inclined to please the people around you. Having people around you is life or death. And as kids we seem to know this.

But as you grow, doesn’t that change? Aren’t you supposed to become more independent?

One might hope so! Or you’ll be the next lemming! Did your mom say that to you too? Would you jump off a bridge if they told you to? Or a cliff?

Well, would you?

Where does that stop? When you just don’t want to? Or when it puts someone in danger? You or someone else.

Would the fact that what you are being asked to do breaks laws matter to you? Or would you just want to know that the law is unjust and figure you can go ahead?

Or are you the type who hates change, and you’ll only go along with things that are part of your usual day anyways?

So a terrorist group comes into your life…. do you sit down and listen? Or run for the hills, knowing they’re too much trouble?

Do you protect just yourself? Or your reputation as well?
Are you ok with looking stupid to go along?

It’s pretty situational, isn’t it? I guess that’s why some decisions are adult games, right?

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