DEM/REP History of Bigotry/Racism in the US Parties – Just Know Who You’re Getting in Bed with.

DEM/REP History of Bigotry/Racism in the US Parties – Just Know Who You’re Getting in Bed with

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Racism keeps coming up in the USA elections. And I keep hearing that the REPs are racist, and more specifically Trump is. You’re right.

But so are the DEMs and Biden.

(Before you get mad, I come bearing citations! And they’re a little more credible than a news station or paper. Or the back and forth finger-pointing of the candidates or their fans/cults.)

Historically both parties have had their pristine white robes sullied by these racist associations.

In that context, times have changed. The country has gone from taking the land over from the first peoples and driving them onto reservations (wait! You say they’re still there?) And have stopped owning slaves, shut down Jim Crow and marched for civil rights (what do you mean you still get killed by cops, held in ICE and live in ghettos? I mean really?)

Sure, you could blame one party, but how do they keep getting away with such bad behaviour? Their sides are about equal, right?

They have the same backers, right?

Yeah, both their clowns out front have said and done some bad stuff, but you say Trump is worse? Maaaybe… or is Biden just better at playing the game? After 40 yrs in politics, you’d think he’d do better than he has though. (Excuse me sir, your robes are showing! Nah really, I saw them myself!)

  • Is it personal?
  • Is it party affiliation?
  • Is it following archaic laws and not changing them?
  • Is it caring more about money and tradition than people?
  • Is it about limiting the voices they don’t want to hear, the ones that make them think poorly of themselves?

At what point doesn’t why matter anymore?

Because if you have brown skin, your people are not served by the institutions and parties of the country you pay taxes to. And yet you get shamed for not supporting them and their candidates. Does it really matter?

Do you know what will force change?

Same things that always have – no it’s not voting or refusing to, nope those marches really don’t either, though you’d think they would at least shame them. Nah they just send the cops or armies to bust them up, and somehow leaders end up in jail or dead (both maybe?).

Historically the only thing that has changed the govt of the US has been the wave of where money and jobs goes. The only people who have gotten the parties to listen to them are their backers.

Some of whom are known racists.

The REPs and DEMs are just two heads of a hydra.


And it’s the hydra your vote really supports.

And don’t wait for the Electoral College to sort it out either, Cuzz their existance tells you that you’re too stupid to vote without ‘stuff in place’.

  • Who gets good machines, lots of ballot boxes, proper representation,
  • Who has the right paper work, the right address, is free, can pay the fees….
  • Whose faces do you see at the power table (the inner cabinet)?

And as for the play of whether DEMs or REPs are more left or right wing? Those take turns calling each other bottom, honey. There is no left or right. Not with them anyways.

But you don’t have to believe me….. check below šŸ”½šŸ”½šŸ”½šŸ”½

resources ….

history- – claremont inst
ccis.ucsd. edu – KKK

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