Population and the Planet – Eugenics and Leadership Changes

Population and the Planet – Eugenics and Leadership Changes

If we didn’t know before, this pandemic should be teaching us that there are too many people on earth and Gaia can’t handle the overload.

So given that, what do you think leaders should do to legislate that?

…. back in the day

Over the course of human time, when their world was over full, leaders used to send the young men off to fight a war.

Elders went off quietly to die if they thought they’d be a drag on their communities.

Women crossed their legs if they thought they had too many children. or gave the randy goat a BJ instead.

…. time changed, more people came, and came

A few years back, China tried to say that couples could only have two kids. There was an uproar!

The UN says that abortion and fertility care are int’l rights, but not every country or leader agrees. Some get right intrusive about it.

….. what now?

The science can stop you from being fertile, And it can also increase your fertility. The science can take your life, or extend it. Beyond all sense. Some accuse them of playing God, but those in need keep coming. And coming.

The religions can tell you what your faith means in terms of what bodily freedom you have in family planning. Or end-stage planning. And waves of people follow these, and waves call themselves liberal or non-practicing believers to do their own thing,

Countries legislate, leaders change the rules….

…. and the population grows.

And poor Gaia is slowing down, overheating, sending swarms of bugs, killing off her creatures she loves, and now with the pandemics too.

…. When will humanity see?

We can’t go on this way. And that is no longer a phantasma, a paranoid delusion. We will kill the planet and ourselves since we don’t have another one on standby. This time, it’s not the threat of a nuclear bomb that is making the doomsday clock tick faster. But it’s still us.

….When will we learn?

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