Cdn Politics – P.E.Trudeau and Justin: Legacy

Cdn Politics – P.E.Trudeau and Justin: Legacy

There are many things that father and son have in common and some things they differ on. Which is fine, after all no one expects JT to be a clone.

When he didn’t become a lawyer, did anyone really expect JT to become a politician? Ehhh. Could happen?

But here we are. And everyone underestimated him, esp the opposition parties. With posters showing off his good looks and being a teacher. With a primary position of legalizing cannabis?

Yeah party boy, right?

But if you look at the cost to the system in money and human lives that cannabis has, it was a really good call. Kind of snuck up on people though. So he flew under the radar, and got him a majority. And not just with the younger voters who were sick of the old guard.

JT also promised to change the gun laws. And he’s been working at that for a few years. With some big issues in the US and Canada paving the way for him. Colleges and primary schools, private clubs shot up.

And then he started ignoring the old guard LIBs….

And began taking meetings with his ‘youth council’ and attending reconciliation meetings with First Nations’ elders and chiefs.

JT was making his own path.

I do remember his father though. I was in my late teens early 20s when PET was the PM. And he was a considered, informed, polite man on a mission. Which he did. And i think his strongest legacy was bring the Constitution of Canada home and incorporating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within it. It became the framework, that with the Criminal Code superceded all other laws of Canada. Including the Indian Act which has caused so much trouble. And changes began.

So that is where we are at now.


Due to the pandemic, much information has come out about the treatment of the First Nations by authority in Canada and conditions on reserves as well.

In many ways, you have to wonder how things would have been if PET’s work hadn’t been there though? It could have been so much worse.

And in midst of crisis the feds have been trying to cosset and protect the reserves. Money, supplies, medical support…


Which makes JT’s other interest a stronger need too. He seems to want to assure the FN that they have more autonomy (so he said in the Throne Speech of 2020.) And do it in such a way that it can’t be taken back by future govts. So how could this go?

JT could pray for time enough to get all the treaty negotiations done, have the Indian Act re-written, &/or undo his father’s legacy.

Or he could try something else. Knowing he has this minority govt to do it in…. In the Throne Speech JT mentioned that he wants to make Canada in practice more of a bi-cultural/bi-lingual country as it is on paper and have the First Nations be more autonomous. And do it in such a way that future govts cannot undo it. And maybe further the Trudeau legacy?

JT has the aim of changing the govt structure, revising the Parliament of Canada Act which might be the shorter way to get his aims met and secure the future away from politics. You can see how having a more independent Senate with less party politics might achieve a stronger country, can’t you?

If it were me, having a more people rep view than land mass would be one way to go. As of now, each province and territory has a voice in the Senate.


  • In the beginning, when the first immigrants/settlers came to Canada, the treaties with the FN’s were intended to be as equal partners, sharing the land.
  • And at times the French Cdns have felt under-represented, to the point where Quebec has held a referendum on separating from Canada.
  • Off and on, the westerm provinces have talked of separating, and right now Alberta seems to be the crying child.
  • And due to a treaty being ratified, Nunavut was ‘born’.
  • JT claims to have a feminist view of govt…Do you think he can sneak more women in by legislation as well?


So if ever there was a time to make certain all the children at the table were heard fairly, and knowing how poorly some of them have faired during the pandemic, and before, now seems like a good time. At least they’d feel heard? At least they’d be at the table where they couldn’t be forgotten or pushed aside so easily?

It just needs to be done in such a way that the other parties can’t stop him, or they agree to his plan, (which 3/5 of the party leaders are French Cdn) and once done they cannot rescind it. Hell of a job. I think he’s got a tough road ahead. But I also think he’ll have a LOT of people on his side if he needs another term to do it. So long as he begins soon!


And if it gets done, the name Trudeau will be a much more significant one in Canada. (Which the other parties now will totally hate and JT has his hands full dealing with them as it is!) I think it’s time though. Don’t you?

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