The Govt, The Web: Trudeau vs Trump

The Govt, The Web: Trudeau vs Trump

Recently Trump has been actively pursuing control of the internet companies: Facebook, Twitter with executive orders and having someone buy tiktok. He doesn’t like it when they try to control his behaviour.

So when JT mentioned in the throne speech that he wanted big biz interwebz to fairly pay for using Cdn people, creativity and resources to get rich, people took it as a policing of the interwebz, cuzz that is what Trump is doing, right?

JT was told off about issues like web neutrality and freeze peach.

In the context of the pandemic though and asking big biz and rich guys to pay fair taxes, JT was making some moves to protect what is Canada’s, from what is not.

At a time when people are finding it hard to get paid work, he wanted to assure that web engineers, designers, artisans…. whoever, gets paid for the content they create.

That in Canada, the resources these company use are compliant with our laws, including labour laws, and our green goals.

That isn’t the same thing at all as what Trump is doing with his hissy fits. JT isn’t telling them what to publish or what content is allowed.

I’d be surprised to hear that even adult sites have been controlled adversely by Canadian law. Certainly not in a heavy-handed way like the SESTA/FOSTA acts that claim to be ‘saving the kids from the predators who traffick in them’ and haven’t really achieved more than to curb ordinary adult exchanges.

Or the UK content regulations either.

But I guess after Trump’s little hands all over the web and being cop of the world, they don’t know what the difference is anymore?

Let me assure you that in his time in politics, JT has never shown himself to be a cop of adults having a fun time or finding whatever love was available. Like Trump has.

Canada is one of the leaders of the world in sexual and gender freedom. At least under liberal reign.

And his party isn’t one that micro-manages. Even when maybe he should! (like when the premiers aren’t doing their jobs). He’s not an oligarch wannabe at all. And he just might have a little leftist in him. ( I think that’s more Maggie than Pierre lol)

So rich guys, get your wallets out. Cuzz Canadians want their pay for their work. Or go piss off and we’ll create our own. Trust me, we can. And with JT in power? Yeah we’ll have the govt’s support too.

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