Politics and Special Interest Groups: The Nut Bars Edition

Politics and Special Interest Groups: The Nut Bars Edition

It’s one thing to have something you care deeply about. We all do that.

for eg: I care deeply about martial arts. I’m an avid fan. I think education in martial arts helps kids to discipline themselves. Rather than expecting the adult to always be in the room.

I also think it’s good exercise. And in a day when many kids are overweight and/or trying to manage their diet with unsafe plans like binging, purging, and laxatives or drugs, teaching them the value of exercise is a good thing.

There! I made sense, right? And I bet a LOT of people would sign a petition if I forwarded one, right?

But should i? Does the country of Canada need​ martial arts as a principle cause? Much as it might actually be of benefit and I might enjoy that, I’m going to say no. Cuzz I’m not crazy? Yeah, that’s it. (hush you! I’m really not!)

See, I think the govt has a LOT of things it must fund, for it’s citizens to be safe and healthy. And yeah martial arts is effective for not only kids, but other people who are recovering from violence. So they feel empowered again. It can be therapeutic.

Yay! Martial arts are awesome, right?? Let’s do this petition!! Woop woop!

Oh wait!! …. But what with clean water, housing, food security, education, health care…. and the fate of the planet itself at stake right now, maybe that petition can wait. J/s

See? Not so nuts, at least about this cause, 😋 Yw JT and Chrystia!!

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