Idealist, Whistle Blower and Conspiracy Theorist Have a Chat With Us (a story/ish)

Would you believe they agree about the base thing?  They want the govt to do better. And then they part ways.The ✏️idealist✏️sits and dreams of a better world.  Writes a poem or a song.  And cries because he knows, he’ll never see that day.

The 💣whistleblower 💣goes hunting for that thing that is TNT, that he can pedal to the newspapers and other media.  The thing that proves this govt was bad all along. And revels in the fact when he finds it.  Because of course it exists!  There is always something to hide, after all.

The ☠conspiracy theorist☠sees smoke and tells you of aliens 👽and demons 😈who have fogged our eyes 👁👀 so all we can see is smoke. He gets into a stir and can manage nothing but running around.  Not even convincing anyone what he says is true.

No one else 👫understands them, and they only half get each other. But they give each other space, so they can 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️💃express their emo state. And the world?  Well, it just moves on….🌎⚡🔥 Till it doesn’t.

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