How do Trump. BLM protests over #Jacob Blake, a kid with a rifle, and the NBA’s Milwaukie Bucks Fit in the Same Sentence?

How do Trump. BLM protests over #Jacob Blake, a kid with a rifle, and the NBA’s Milwaukie Bucks Fit in the Same Sentence?

……Jacob Blake

He saw a fight and went to help break it up. When police arrived, instead of thanking him for his help and being a good citizen (at least at that moment), they rousted him and shot him in the back seven times. In the front seat of his car. With his kids in the back seat and his girlfriend watching in horror.

…… the young man/boy I can’t name

(because in Canada that would be illegal, since he is under age. And besides, he’s the symptom , not the problem IMO)

At protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a young man/boy (I can’t name or show a picture of even if I wanted to because Canadian law doesn’t allow teenagers to be exposed on media) shot three people.

The young man/boy was a Trump fan and had been attending his #BlueLivesMatter rallies. Listening to their rhetoric.

The young man/boy took an assault rifle and crossed border(s) to attend the protest. Where he was given water and back slaps by the police for his good-ole-boy attitude.

And his rifle went off. Someone other than the police tackled him and ended up dying to save lives.

The young man/boy was then able to go home to another state, where he was later arrested.

…. BLM protests have escalated again

Because the police just aren’t grasping that they need to use their words when dealing with the citizenry. Esp if they are in a car with their kids in the back seat.

….and sports teams are now on strike

The Milwaukee Bucks have gone on strike and are sitting out Game 5 of their NBA series of games in the name of .Jacob Blake.

And several pro teams are joining them. Including Toronto Raptors.

A WNBA team has marked their jerseys with seven shots on the back and are wearing the letters of .Jacob Blake’s name on the front of their jerseys.

Will this help?

Chris Webber who used to play for the team that the Bucks should have played, the Orlando Magic, spoke his thoughts brilliantly.



Jeffery Robinson

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