The Extraordinary Case of Susan B Anthony and Trump.

The Extraordinary Case of Susan B Anthony and Trump.

In case you’re under a rock somewhere and have no clue who she is… Ms. Anthony is one of the first suffragettes ever in the USA.

And this week marked the first legal votes for women’s centennial.

Well POTUS has been thinking for awhile that he needs more suburban housewives’ votes. And decided this week that using the feminist angle was a good idea. So he decided to pardon Ms. Anthony .

In 1872, Anthony was arrested for voting. She was tried and fined $100 for her crime. This made many people angry and brought national attention to the suffrage movement. In 1876, she led a protest at the 1876 Centennial of our nation’s independence. source

Well…. the executive director of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, N.Y. refused to accept the ‘honour’ on her behalf. The museum said she was proud of her charge. And after all the reaction did in fact lead to the efforts of women to gain what they had a right to. So Ms. Anthony wouldn’t have WANTED the pardon. I mean, would you? It’s a high water mark in feminist history FFS!

So once again, the Trump is out of touch with the cause of women and being really insensitive and/or ill-advised by his female REP advisors. He may have done the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he had aimed to do. Alienated the vote of women by trying to gain it without thought or input from actual feminists . (le sigh!!)

Do we give him credit for trying? No cuzz he could have called the museum and chatted with people there. He could have asked her family if this would be welcome. But no, someone got a ‘bright idea’ and the POTUS blustered thru… Again. Pfffft.

Ms Anthony, your peeps, feminists and women have your back. We won’t let a pig like him use your name to get votes, of all things. FYI, she was also involved in abolition. So he of all possible presidents to try this, this year of all years? It’s such an insult to who she was as a person. He ought to apologize. But you know that’s not gonna happen, right?

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