Lordie Lordie – Canadian PM is Setting up a Confidence Vote for Sept 23, 2020

Lordie Lordie – Canadian PM is Setting up a Confidence Vote for Sept 23, 2020

Justin Trudeau is tabling a budget that reflects the needs of the pandemic. And since he needs a parliamentary vote and feels this is the way to force his vision, he’s putting it all on the table. Love his budget or call an election.

Everytime I have heard the discussion turn to an election, I get angry. Cuzz it’s a very expensive proposition, And we as a country cannot afford it. But NDP and CONs have been calling for JT to resign. So in a way, doing it this way means that he is armed if they do vote against it. Or he gets what he wants.

What does that mean though? Will the NDP and CONs defeat the budget to get him out? It’d be pretty dumb atm, because since the pandemic has begun, every single poll has shown JT and the LIBs leading.

And he says that he intends to be on the ticket.

Our finance minister is now the first woman in Canadian history to hold that job. And they seem to be acting as mom and pop the way they relate. It was cute to watch.

I hope the debate goes well on the 23rd and there is no need for that election though. There are far too many people who are hurting, far too many dead who could have been helped with that money. And it’ll be a slap in their faces if the money goes to political jockeying for power over lives.

Time will tell.

Could JT win? Well doing it now as the CONs are in a restructuring of the party and two of the provincial CON parties have really sucked during these last few months may serve him. Because JT has put things in place that have helped a LOT of people survive. And I don’t think Canadians will forget that easily.

But then i’m not a political analyst, am I? 😋

(the video really starts about 25 min in)


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