The Big Six- Organizers of the Civil Rights Movement – Gone But Not Forgotten

The Big Six- Organizers of the Civil Rights Movement – Gone But Not Forgotten


In 1963, the “Big Six” leaders who organized the March on Washington were:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
  • Whitney Young, (July 31, 1921 – March 11, 1971)
    National Urban League
  • Asa Philip Randolph, (April 15, 1889 – May 16, 1979)
    labor organizer
  • James Leonard Farmer Jr (January 12, 1920 – July 9, 1999)
    of the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE);
  • Roy Wilkins (August 30, 1901 – September 8, 1981)
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
  • And John Lewis (February 21, 1940 – July 17, 2020)
    of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
    The last one died this week.
    How many of them had you heard of before?
    Rest in Peace. Rest in Power.

If I Were a Public Health Officer in a Pandemic

If I Were a Public Health Officer in a Pandemic

This might actually be a fun exercise to think about. Since a lot of people have strong opinions about how things have been handled. I’ve been thinking about it thru this time. Esp knowing that Theresa Tam has been under fire from the opposition party for her decisions. As have been federal advisors such as Dr Anthony Fauci . They are both known to be experts in their fields, and well reputed, but this is a new virus and they could only go with what they knew about viruses, epidemic behaviours. And they could only work with the govts they had.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau has been cooperating with his experts. Though he has been dogged endlessly by the opposition party and faced actual assassination threats and an attempt.

To be even remotely fair, Trump has the election he can’t postpone to consider. Apparently he’d rather have 100,000s die than lose. So he hasn’t exactly been the most cooperative (to put it mildly).


Anything I say now is based on the past six months watching them. Though tbh my opinions haven’t changed much since the beginning:

first and foremost – Day one i heard about it. The border would be shut down. No traffic at all in, maybe not even out. Not by plane, boat, train, truck, car or bus. Army heading to the border.

Any long routes outside local service shut down. Bus, boat, train, plane as local service providers only.

2nd – public health advisory on warning system as an alert and notice out to major media outlets and posted on govt web site with links to WHO and public health.
wash hands, don’t go into crowds/no public gathering, only go out for essentials, any caregiving done with shield masks (baths, mouthcare), self-monitor your symptoms

3rd – arrange in country food redirection and necessary supplies

4th – isolate care centers
staff – 1 facility workers,
bldg – have a disaster plan that includes segregation of the ill, staff and patients/residents, allow only immediate family rep (alt decision maker) in a separate area from bedrooms or outside

day cares – open to essential service parents. Create pods where kids (groups of 4-5 travel with one aide all day) and stagger time/travels and rooms.

5th – large businesses closed/no indoors traffic allowed. (exceptions’ list) Businesses that have occupancy of max ten can remain open, but no incentive purchase-sales allowed.

Restaurants can do take out/delivery or curbside pickup. And closed during rush hour. Encourage re-usable, washable pkging.
Banks can do tellers, but all officers by remote appts.

Schools – create pods where 1/2 doz kids travel together and stagger entrances, rooms, breaks/lunches and arrival/departure times. Meals in pods. Have a senior student program where they become teachers’ aides. They are the pod caretakers. Teachers either by remote or on mike. Home-study program for parents who would prefer that, without truancy penalties.

essential list is food, pharmacy, home, vehicle maintenance, seeds/plantlings, pet supplies

6th – workers to remote/web commuting. Secure the ISPs essential cooperation with rates, maintenance, for all and availability to people with health and disability issues at low cost.
911 workers essential connections and staff.

7th – mayors to arrange food security with local farms. Mayors to arrange production of PPE for first responders, and essential workers.

8th local care providers to arrange ‘check ins’ with patients/clients by web or phone. And arrange food/drug delivery, esp for people who have no vehicles.


Would there be a come-back or reintegration plan?

Bigger industries who could show they can stagger time/shifts of essential site staff and create pods where staff interact with only immediate needed people for task/service/support.

Customers redirected to web site or phone. No customers or clients in worker areas. Have a separate reception area, with a shield over the desk to take inquiries. With a computer so they can connect with staff needed.

The only traffic thru the bldg would be cleaning, maintenance, tech services and security who have face shields on.

For religious groups… pods for intimate prayer chains and mental health support. Services and counselling by remote.

… this’d be the new long term vision for big businesses.


Work with band councils on supply and segregation of the reserve.


Homeless support groups – redirect to empty hotels/motels and arrange food and medicine delivery and supervised detox. Check ins for ‘wanderers’.


war act to fabricate masks for essential workers (face shields pref) and ventilators/ ICU monitor equip.


mobile homes for testing, tracking and observe community cases at major hospitals.


country’s scientists and labs redirected to this virus, it’s study, treatment, and prevention.


ISPs and a govt agency tasked with tech support/helping anyone who needs to modify to remote – carecenters, religions, essential businesses and artist/tourism outlets given priority.
Person priority to single parents and disabled.
Given incentives to switch to remote.


Decisions about reintegrating citizens to this country made on case per. Priority given to those with ill/dying relatives. Parents of young/disabled children next.
From a safe(r) country only.

…. BUT in fairness,

This was me on my own, not having to jockey for power and influence.

…. What would you have done?

Oh No!! The Aliens Have Scouted Us!

Oh No!! The Aliens Have Scouted Us!

And frankly, they are appalled! (Can you blame them?? Really??)

The planet is dying, because it’s overcrowded, but we won’t reduce our births (ask China, they tried!) And we make our women and girls into brood mares. Without safe options out and blame them for getting pregnant, even if they were raped.

The smog is at insane levels. To the point where masks are necessary to breath in Asia, never mind preventing contagion.

And speaking of contagion, why is it soooo hard to sit in your house for a couple weeks?? If we’d all done that at the beginning, we wouldn’t be discussing masks more than fetishists do! And we wouldn’t be digging mass graves for our dead.

We are so bent on consumption and commerse that we have lost all sense of perspective! Our oceans have more plastic in them than a plastic factory would. It’s leaching into the fish and killing entire species.

We have factories full of people who are treated like slaves to cut and pack our meat and veg, yet people die of starvation everyday!

People waddle cuzz they’re so overweight, or break bones cuzz they’re so emaciated. Yet we know more about food science than we ever have. We just refuse to share it.

And for an age of enlightenment, our folk are so angry, we cannot pass a month without a war somewhere. And now there are riots and protests in the streets. For justice, for food, to be able to earn a fair dollar. And because in a crowded world, people feel left out.

And the believers are telling the others what to do with their own lives and bodies.
Have I missed out on anthing? Well the aliens haven’t been.

And they have sent their robots to us to force our actions and teach us a better way.
And if they need a place to power up? I might just let them use my house.

In the Battle of TRUMP vs Scientists: Who Will Win?

In the Battle of TRUMP vs Scientists: Who Will Win?

Trump seems to want to be the lone wolf in this fight of all fights. He doesn’t want to listen to anyone really.

He’s firing the WHO; cutting funds and bypassing the CDC and giving them directions in what statements they can release; and has not only stopped taking calls from Dr Fauci, but is undermining his reputation.

Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the basics of how science is done, then blames them for releasing their best guesstimates of what should be done.

Their public health advice has been pretty consistant in my view…

wash your hands, stay physically distant, avoid crowds, shut the borders, PPE for first-responders FIRST, isolate care centers and LTCs, circulate clean air in bldgs (recently added, but this has been a long standing issue with dead air bldgs, so not unknown either) . And check quality sources for further guidelines like the WHO and the CDC.

So just what is it that stumps the Trump?

It’s not the advice he’s hearing from around the world. Nope, it’s listening to the people and treating this more like an economic crisis than a public health emergency or a humanitarian one.

If he wanted to re-open businesses, then he should have picked ones that are not geared to crowds of customers. Which would have been a lot of mom and pop types.

But that isn’t the Republican or Democrat way. They always side with big business. Though they were thrown the bone of web commuting, which does alleviate a LOT of issues. Some of them were also big enough that had they chosen to cooperate, they could have spread out their work force. Done things like spread their workers on shifts, instead of requiring them all to appear 9-5 M-F or else. Or staggered them, half on 3 day weeks.

Not that impossible. Is it?

And a lot of business these days can be done on the web. So beef up their web footprint, redirect as many customer inquiries and sales as possible to the website rather than their bldgs.

So why is Trump getting mad? If he had done all that, his country could have been a leader in the epidemic’s resources. And the scientists who have tried to direct him would have kept him abreast of any innovations for the future.

I think Trump has had unrealistic expectations and is prone to magical thinking. And that makes him more than a bad leader or politician. That makes him dangerous.

And that is before he started holding superspreader rallies and wondering why the numbers are going up again. Why the world is either laughing at him or pissed off.

But whichever they are, borders are still closed to traffic from the USA. And that is affecting tourism and even trade.

Canada has decided to extend the border ban with the USA again. Still closed to the end of August. Despite the pleas of governors from the northern states.

We don’t like the lack of leadership, we won’t deal with a lone wolf POTUS. We protect our own first. As Trump should have done. But he’s too busy looking for a scapegoat. And he’s been running thru the list, to see what sticks.

While polls show the American people are not only dying, they are losing faith in Trump and possibly even scientists?

Whatever theory of cause, treatment, or vaccine, their basic position for what we should do is to let them look for the magic bullet, while we follow their basic public health advice..

wash your hands, stay physically distant, avoid crowds, shut the borders, PPE for first-responders FIRST, isolate care centers and LTCs, circulate clean air in bldgs (recently added, but this has been a long standing issue with dead air bldgs, so not unknown either) . And check quality sources for further guidelines like the WHO and the CDC.

And the scientists are gathering in a very anti-Trump way to protect their colleagues. Taking their eyes off where it should be – fighting the pandemic.

…. news sources on clash & Trump’s approval rating poll


BLM, BIPOC and Racist Symbols : Is it Really Minutia?

BLM, BIPOC and Racist Symbols : Is it Really Minutia?

This has been a conversation I’ve been having recently as statues have gone down, flags have been replaced, team names and symbols have been replaced, and letters of apology and resistance have gone out.

Some examples:

I have an older brother and some friends and past BFs who have spent time in jail or prison. I’ve been around agencies that deal with released offenders. They tell me that the best way to get thru your stay alive is to keep your body and your mouth quiet. Keep your head down and your hands in your pocket. Say nothing. Do as little as possible.

Because when incarcerated, you run into belonging done wrong. The slightest ‘sign’ can get you beaten or killed if done in front of the wrong person or group. It’s a place where a small tear beside your eye means you’ve killed someone. It’s a challenge, a threat, inside. Outside? It means you have artisitic flourish on.


An A-ok sign from when I was young has become all about white power.


Hankies my dad used to carry in his pocket by the dozen, to blow his nose, if put in a left or right pocket meant that someone was looking for sex and whether they wanted their partner to be a man or woman, or if they were out to top or bottom.


Colours that are so pretty to an artist or fashion designer, are the sign that you belong to a gang. Or you’re an undercover cop.


A tattoo or piercing has cultural or gang meaning.


And the wrong person seeing these signs can get you a pat on the back, or murdered. All depending on who sees it.


It could be a sign of belonging, or one of intimidation. And I think women can understand that more than men. We look at the media in a different way than men do. It’s not that Twiggy wasn’t a beautiful woman. But she and her fellow models became a sign of unrealistic expectations, for ourselves and for our potential partners for who they were seeing as attractive. Or how we view pornography.


And here on the web, we know that people can take a naked picture of someone and think it means an invitation to be inappropriate in our dealings with them. To feel entitled to their sexuality and beauty.



It isn’t one thing that can trigger someone’s feelings of hurt or anger. That’d be pretty rare. But imagine if every single day, while you were feeling already oppressd, you saw this sign.

It was there every time you walked out of your home, every time you turned on your TV or computer, everytime you looked up at a billboard, or walked into a bar or restaurant, and people were walking down the street with that symbol on their tees or sweats.


Does it seem so innocuous now? It’s all in the wear and tear at your soul. Isn’t it?

Would you Believe me If I Told you They’re Saying the Cold is More Important Than the Flu in Covid 19 Cases?

Would you Believe me If I Told you They’re Saying the Cold is More Important Than the Flu in Covid 19 Cases?

I hardly ever get either the cold or the flu. Not even when my kid was in daycare. (They are petrie dishes) We did get a lot of ear infections.

Not even when I was working in LTCs everyday.

I was more prone to the flu when I was pregnant. I got it twice when I was gestating. I was not happy. I had enough nausea issues without that, trust me. I think Princess Kate and I are related somehow, May explain why I wasn’t in a hurry to have another child.

I had mono when I was 17, from a school outbreak. And I can tell since what my bad feelings will turn out to be from whether they begin in my throat (cold) or not (flu).

I also have allergies. And dependent on me knowing what I was exposed to, it takes me a day to know which I have.

….. So that is me and respiratory issues.

Recently, with the bodies literally piling up, things have gotten to the point of autopsies telling us things about SARS – Cov-2 and Covid 19.

And the theories that were flying around before are getting narrower. Which is an awesome thing.

They have found that early detection is important. So if you suspect you’ve been exposed, go get tested!! You’ve heard that before, right?


They have also found out that memory cells are important. It’s a variable issue. But your body has immune cells that look at what comes into your body and decide if it’s friend or foe. If your body works right, you may feel nothing. If you have specific issues, you may become ill. And there are a few issues where you are heading toward a really rocky road. Maybe death.


And a big thing is whether a very specific type of stem cell is triggered into over-reacting to the new guy. If this happens, you are more prone to clotting, in a not good way.

If you cut yourself, clotting to a degree is healing. If you brush your teeth and your gums bleed, it’s a sign you have issues with them. But most people stop bleeding shortly.

If you over-respond with more clots than you need to heal, you can end up with clots in organs and they can throw a clot to your brain. Which can lead to TIAs and strokes. Depending where it lands as to how bad that can be for you.


But it all comes back to you and how your body sees this new guy. Is it friend or foe?

Well to a degree… al viruses are foes. But if your body has seen this virus or a similar one before, it says ‘hey we handled this before’ and goes about the work needed. Thinking ‘easy peasy’, or ‘oh hell not fun time ahead, but we can do this’.

It can also say ‘nah i’m too effing tired for this shit’ and decides to stop fighting.
And a lot of that response can be dependent on how well you are able to take care of yourself. How well you eat and hydrate yourself.


So they’re finding that yes Covid 19 is scary, yes you can die. But they are also finding things that can help. And they’re starting to understand just who is the most at risk. So that is the amazing part that, even without a vaccine, or a cure, may help them protect more people when the 2nd + wave hits.


Good sign, huh? Yes, it doesn’t mean it’ll be a cake walk, and people will still have to try NOT to get it by listening to public health advice. Because getting Covid 19 can lead to short and long term bad things.

But definitely!! a good step.

… What is the difference in Symptoms?

cold flu or coronavirus symptoms

….. (memory cells)

CD4+ T cells, with a smaller contribution by CD8+ T cells

Are they protective or pathogenic?
sciencedirect-memory cells
sciencedirect – T cell responses –

inflammation to blood clots

(found in heart, lungs, kidneys and liver + during autopsies)
cnn interview

BLM – A Lesson in How NOT to Do it… Lady Antebellum to Lady A

BLM – A Lesson in How NOT to Do it… Lady Antebellum to Lady A

In the time of Black Lives Matter, some names are getting changed that reflect a link to racist structures. Which is kind of cool, so long as you remember they were good enough for them BEFORE, right?
Which is how we are reminded of Lady Antebellum. . A country/ish group that thought it was ok to remind folks of southern slave plantations. Till it wasn’t.
So they get on board and change their names to Lady A (for short- the Antebellum mansion is silent, but there)
Except…. NOW they are using a name that is that of a blues singer, a black woman. Without so much as a by-your-leave discussion. Not with her, her lawyers or her record companies.
Lady A –,of%20more%20than%2020%20years or Anita White has been around for 30 yrs. Needless to say she was not best pleased.
And who can blame her.
Then to add insult to the injury against her and the appropriation (the music industry has a really long history of white artists using black sounds, songs and words from black artists) of her work, THEY SUE HER!! So they can use the name Lady A on merch.
She says ok cool, if I have to rebrand, then you owe me $10M and they say no.
So that is the jist.
What do you think of the band now? Will you be buying their dang merch? How would you feel as Anita White? How would you feel as any black artist that has put in years of work, only to be de-valued, dismissed like this? Like she’s a gnat on the porch of the white slave-owner’s house?
Yeah $10M might be cheap.


Is it Poor Folk Not Understanding Diet? Or is it Bad Urban Planning?

Is it Poor Folk Not Understanding Diet? Or is it Bad Urban Planning?

When you think of malnutrition, is your first thought of starving children in Africa with distended stomachs and emaciated faces?

What if I told you then that someone who is morbidly obese can be just as malnourished? Because they’re not getting the RIGHT foods for their dietary needs?

Or if someone who is eating foods their bodies cannot process due to food intolerances or allergies and their body reacts differently despite them eating healthy and exercising? They can become malnourished as well, yet look obese. Or emaciated.

But despite these issues, there are still food issues we all face, and in this time of living in a pandemic, with supply chains less than stable, this is going to become more relevant as time goes on, and govts don’t secure the chains and provide alts. You remember how hard it was to get toilet paper when the pandemic was first announced, right?

If I dropped you into any urban neighbourhood, and said you have 4 blocks to explore and you have to find 1 week’s groceries or healthy food for less than $100 for a family of four, are you sure you could? But actually, that is a LOT of money. More than many urban families have. So really, what is their alternative? To fill their stomachs.

What about tenants? Farmers and villagers who have houses can make a garden, so they at least have fruit and veg, presuming there isn’t a drought. Or some kind of bug or predatory infestation. But there aren’t many landlords who will allow their tenants to start a garden up in green spaces, balconies or rooftops. So how will they manage if supply chains ebb?

This is going to become an increasingly difficult situation, esp in countries where the pandemic rages without proper public health limits and govt controls. But how many are taking those steps?

Where will you fit into this picture?

… definitions of food issues and urban plannning.

food desert – access to affordable healthy food.
food swamps – high density area where fast and junk food predominate
food insecurity – access and affordability to healthy food, or even any food.

… and what can you do?

Look around your neighbourhood and see where you can purchase fresh food. Or at least frozen that is just fruit or veg that has nothing else added. Could you bake your own bread or make your own pasta if you had to? Is there a baking supply store or health food store near you that sells alt flours?

Do you have any farmers’ markets or food coops near you?

Is your MP open to a call or letter from you, if you inform them of your community’s lacks? What would they do, if anything? COULD they act?

Think about it now, because when the time comes, the more prepared you are the better.

Sorry, not Sorry. But No USA, we don’t want your cooties.

Sorry, not Sorry. But No USA, we don’t want your cooties.

A poll shows that 81% of us don’t want the border opened any time soon. And only 3% would tolerate it without restrictions.

Canadians are very clear, direct and some are down right rude about it. (unusually so? But hey, our lives are on the line after all). The USA is the WORLD LEADER in disease atm. And we don’t mean that in a wisdom way. Your last few days have tallied to more than we’ve had in 6 months!!

## …. Geeeeessshhh!!

Not even when a Congressman or two come begging on twitter, we said

## …..hell no!

But that’s ok, so has the EU.

My advice? Stop listening to Trump!!