Biden vs Trump….Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Leftist of them All?

Biden vs Trump….Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Leftist of them All?

Trump has been calling Biden a leftist on Twitter this week….

When i consider the concepts behind what leftist politics are, I don’t really think either the DEMs or REPs qualify. But I’m sure willing to be proven wrong.

They’re hardly anarchists. Both are the major forces for business and govt in not only the US, but also the world.

You can hardly call them socialists. They both seem to be high on law and order, when push comes to shove. Though Biden is at least picking up the lingo of the #BLM protests and spouting language about defunding the police. Can he claim partial credit for Obama care?

And I’d eat my hat if either Trump or Biden has read the Communist Manifesto.

Have either DEMs or REPs signed any environmental accord? Let alone an intl one?
As for social justice and equality, both their parade of backers, party and cabinet members will no doubt be white cis men of @50 yrs old! Maybe even 70 +?
They both have that ‘view that spew’ aspect as well. Racist and sexist comments seem to vomit easily from their mouths.

So what is it Trump sees that we don’t? Or at least I don’t?

Cuzz I have this horrible nightmare of Jan 2021 with Biden in the white house, and we’ve gone from the rock to the hard place, the devil to the deep blue sea. Then I realize I’m awake!

What do you think?

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