Sedition – It’s all in the Phrasing

Sedition – It’s all in the Phrasing

These days, people have a LOT to be angry about, most of which we could lay blame for at our govt’s door. And that is completely fair. It’s the right year for it. A LOT is going wrong.

And we could rant, we could whine, we could even call them names. At worst, they could say we’re hostile.

But when someone starts phrasing it as a threat; eg cuzz you stole my teddy bear, I’m gonna come take yours and tickle you till you’re sorry!, that is when the balance is turned.

Or if they actually plan a way together. they go to the registrar’s office and get your house drawings, and with a flashlight a group plan routes in and carry feathers to tickle you with, then again, the balance it turned.


Then there is inciting someone to act against you. Creating a hostile environment for you may get a really fragile person to act against you… But it’d take a bit more to get you arrested. (Presuming my understanding is correct) If you offer twinkies to the person who collects feathers to tickle you with, If you tell the person who gets the houseplan for you that they can be your leader. And be the first tickler.

Then there is an incentive for the person to act toward you. Other than that they stole someone’s teddy. And I mean who does that?? So you’re a bad dude and should be called a teddy-kidnapper! But do you deserve to be tickled? Probably, but no one should call out and plan to participate in any plans or plots to do so.

They shouldn’t walk toward your house with a feather, or ask someone else to.


I think it’s also important to discuss the severity of the plan or actions being called out for. If you say they will be tickled for 5 min or till they pee their diaper, it’s one thing. They may deserve that.

But do you get to steal their teddy in retaliation? Morally, maybe. But legally? Probably not.

And the punishment for their misdeed on you needs to be weighed as well. Do you get to take not only their teddy, but also all their candy? NOOOO!! That’d make you the bad guy! So punishment has to be proportionate. And you need to remember, you aren’t their parent, guardian or a court, so what makes you think you are able or entitled to punish them? I mean, who are you to appoint yourself judge, jury and executioner? That is what civil law suits are for, right?

So write a letter to their mom and say ‘your kid stole my teddy and I want it back!!’ And wait to see what she does. If she’s a good mom, you’ll get your teddy back and an apology for your hurt and their being a bad bad kid.


I know this sounds stupid, but in the context of an assassination and apparent opposition party’s coercion or inciting of this behaviour, I played it really really light. On purpose.

The actual things would be sedition, plot or conspiracy, inciting assassination attempts, and possibly inciting the murder of a sitting leader and/or his family, Cuzz why? You don’t agree with him? You’re all jelly and want his job? His house?
No that really isn’t ok. I don’t care what your politics are.

But people do get to say they don’t like you, that what you have done upsets them. They get to call you a dufus or a mean man. They can even have a parade down the streets with placards saying the same thing.

And the govt cannot really do anything, under the law. But make a really sad pouty face.

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