My Government, My Country!…. Wait, They Did Whaaaaat??

My Government, My Country!…. Wait, They Did Whaaaaat??

I kind of like our flag. It’s elegant, simplisitc, reflects something in our nature. I’m not in the habit of treating it with disrespect. But if someone burned it who was in effect saying ‘my country and it’s government don’t serve me well’, would i get upset? Not really. Would i put them in jail? Oh God no! It’s just material.

Our national anthem is pretty cool. And we did edit it a bit to reflect that men AND women live here… so that’s cool too, right? Would I throw stones if someone made a parody of it? Hell no! I’d probably be laughing along.

Our PM is a pretty cool guy. But he’s not my idea of a god. I don’t think anyone sees him that way, nor do I think he presents himself as one either. I don’t think he’s even going for oligarch of the year. I can’t remember him doing that when he was running either. Not in either of his election campaigns. I remember when he was born, so I have a bit of a ‘aww shucks he’s such a cute kid. Look what he grew up to be!’ vibe lol

I feel a little protective when I hear that opposition parties seem to be inciting their voters, fans, party members to have him assassinated. Really? That happens in Canada? I’m saying this? Apparently yes! It does. I think they should lose their seats if that is what they think a politician is.

I’m kind of thinking we have better ways to spend our money these days than having an election half way thru a term as well. So it’d take more than the WE Conflict to get me to see that shell out as a good thing.

So you’d probably think i’m a bit of a Nationalist…. But really, what is the alternative?

I’m good with not being a Royalist. I think the monarchy is good for charity work and gossip mags. And not a whole lot else. These days, the cost of keeping them on their throne is a ridiculous expense.

I’m glad we are no longer under the thumb of the UK. I’m also glad we stay in the Commonwealth. It gives us some protection from the USA, and also gives us trade opp’s we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Or we could be more like the USA?…. lmao! Oh wait! You’re serious?? Ha! Yeah even before Trump came into power, I’d have never said THAT!! They take over on a LOT of Canada’s arts, media, sports, business and even guide our professional associations. I could have sworn we had beaten them back, when they tried to take over the country! (le sigh)

My family has been here since before it was a country, and it kind of sticks in my craw to be called a settler. But I can see how we might deserve that name. Well most of us anyways. We aren’t all….

And we are free. YAY! But then most of us always were. I can’t remember any family stories of being indentured, in a work house, or a debtor’s prison. But there are a few of losing farms during the Great Depression. And there were a couple bad apples who did time as criminals (no really it wasn’t me!!).

It seems i have reason to be proud. I’ve had decent opportunities in my country, even as a woman. Not as great as my brothers… And my daughter has a better shot than I did. I raised her in a sober home, and she didn’t have a criminal dad influencing her. I encouraged her to try, even if it didn’t always work out.

And that is what most people look for when they consider what it means to live in Canada. Isn’t it? I can travel most places in the world and no one will shoot me just because i have a Cdn passport. I have a free vote and several parties to choose from. There are few places where I cannot safely walk down the street, There are organizations that look out for those who are frail, poor, disenfranchised. We seem for the most part to have a sense of moral guidance in our society and it’s systems. And mostly that stretches beyond the English and French, the Jews and the Christians.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know there are things to do and achieve, even outside of a pandemic. And even inside one, I’m happy that the bailouts are mostly going to those who actually need it. And the current govt is happy to shell most of them out. Less so the Provincial ones than the feds.

I’m also fairly sure that the army and the cops aren’t going to be breaking down my apt door while i’m in the shower or asleep….

So yeah over all, I think Canada does pass the litmus test of what a good country has.

Until you look at conditions on a REZ, any REZ…. Then I get the feeling we live in a separate country. And I want more from the parties and politicians running this land than a bunch of pissy little boys. My level of pride just dropped.

I think you might dream of that for your country as well. Well most of it.

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