Would you Believe me If I Told you They’re Saying the Cold is More Important Than the Flu in Covid 19 Cases?

Would you Believe me If I Told you They’re Saying the Cold is More Important Than the Flu in Covid 19 Cases?

I hardly ever get either the cold or the flu. Not even when my kid was in daycare. (They are petrie dishes) We did get a lot of ear infections.

Not even when I was working in LTCs everyday.

I was more prone to the flu when I was pregnant. I got it twice when I was gestating. I was not happy. I had enough nausea issues without that, trust me. I think Princess Kate and I are related somehow, May explain why I wasn’t in a hurry to have another child.

I had mono when I was 17, from a school outbreak. And I can tell since what my bad feelings will turn out to be from whether they begin in my throat (cold) or not (flu).

I also have allergies. And dependent on me knowing what I was exposed to, it takes me a day to know which I have.

….. So that is me and respiratory issues.

Recently, with the bodies literally piling up, things have gotten to the point of autopsies telling us things about SARS – Cov-2 and Covid 19.

And the theories that were flying around before are getting narrower. Which is an awesome thing.

They have found that early detection is important. So if you suspect you’ve been exposed, go get tested!! You’ve heard that before, right?


They have also found out that memory cells are important. It’s a variable issue. But your body has immune cells that look at what comes into your body and decide if it’s friend or foe. If your body works right, you may feel nothing. If you have specific issues, you may become ill. And there are a few issues where you are heading toward a really rocky road. Maybe death.


And a big thing is whether a very specific type of stem cell is triggered into over-reacting to the new guy. If this happens, you are more prone to clotting, in a not good way.

If you cut yourself, clotting to a degree is healing. If you brush your teeth and your gums bleed, it’s a sign you have issues with them. But most people stop bleeding shortly.

If you over-respond with more clots than you need to heal, you can end up with clots in organs and they can throw a clot to your brain. Which can lead to TIAs and strokes. Depending where it lands as to how bad that can be for you.


But it all comes back to you and how your body sees this new guy. Is it friend or foe?

Well to a degree… al viruses are foes. But if your body has seen this virus or a similar one before, it says ‘hey we handled this before’ and goes about the work needed. Thinking ‘easy peasy’, or ‘oh hell not fun time ahead, but we can do this’.

It can also say ‘nah i’m too effing tired for this shit’ and decides to stop fighting.
And a lot of that response can be dependent on how well you are able to take care of yourself. How well you eat and hydrate yourself.


So they’re finding that yes Covid 19 is scary, yes you can die. But they are also finding things that can help. And they’re starting to understand just who is the most at risk. So that is the amazing part that, even without a vaccine, or a cure, may help them protect more people when the 2nd + wave hits.


Good sign, huh? Yes, it doesn’t mean it’ll be a cake walk, and people will still have to try NOT to get it by listening to public health advice. Because getting Covid 19 can lead to short and long term bad things.

But definitely!! a good step.

… What is the difference in Symptoms?

cold flu or coronavirus symptoms

….. (memory cells)

CD4+ T cells, with a smaller contribution by CD8+ T cells

Are they protective or pathogenic?

sciencedirect-memory cells
sciencedirect – T cell responses –https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867420306103

inflammation to blood clots

(found in heart, lungs, kidneys and liver + during autopsies)
cnn interview

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