BLM – A Lesson in How NOT to Do it… Lady Antebellum to Lady A

BLM – A Lesson in How NOT to Do it… Lady Antebellum to Lady A

In the time of Black Lives Matter, some names are getting changed that reflect a link to racist structures. Which is kind of cool, so long as you remember they were good enough for them BEFORE, right?
Which is how we are reminded of Lady Antebellum. . A country/ish group that thought it was ok to remind folks of southern slave plantations. Till it wasn’t.
So they get on board and change their names to Lady A (for short- the Antebellum mansion is silent, but there)
Except…. NOW they are using a name that is that of a blues singer, a black woman. Without so much as a by-your-leave discussion. Not with her, her lawyers or her record companies.
Lady A –,of%20more%20than%2020%20years or Anita White has been around for 30 yrs. Needless to say she was not best pleased.
And who can blame her.
Then to add insult to the injury against her and the appropriation (the music industry has a really long history of white artists using black sounds, songs and words from black artists) of her work, THEY SUE HER!! So they can use the name Lady A on merch.
She says ok cool, if I have to rebrand, then you owe me $10M and they say no.
So that is the jist.
What do you think of the band now? Will you be buying their dang merch? How would you feel as Anita White? How would you feel as any black artist that has put in years of work, only to be de-valued, dismissed like this? Like she’s a gnat on the porch of the white slave-owner’s house?
Yeah $10M might be cheap.


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