The Battle of the Viruses – Flu (the old wolf) ✓ vs SARS-Cov-2 (the new wolf) ✓

The Battle of the Viruses – Flu (the old wolf) ✓ vs SARS-Cov-2 (the new wolf) ✓

I get a little miffed (read a lot!!) when people dismiss the flu like it’s nothing. I’ve worked in LTCs and know for a fact, with my own eyes, that it IS a killer too. So don’t underestimate it.

Let’s compare:


Initial – Flu symptoms vs SC2

  • fever, cough, sore throat, indigestion, diarrhea, head aches, difficulty breathing
  • Most contagious before you are symptomatic
  • Mostly human to human transmission, by air, but can stick to surfaces.
  • Approx run is 7-10 days flu, SC2 @14 days
  • Multiple strains. Some more virulent, easily spread, lethal than others.
  • Most people have no issue and though sick/ill, they do fine.
  • Though there are flu vaccines, they don’t work on everyone. And can cause issues as well. Flu vaccines are a guessing game as to which strain will be around this next season. SC2 doesn’t yet have a vaccine.
  • There is no cure to either the flu or SC2.


And that is the base line for people who have no underlying health conditions. People who appear healthy.
But what type of things can cause a person to be vulnerable to the flu and SC2?

  • autoimmune disorders, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, COPD, people with inflammatory conditions.
  • It’s not age, it’s health. There are complications for each age group. But yes, for both, the elderly are most susceptible,


both flu and SC2 patients can develop pneumonia. Which depends how immature or frail they are (their lungs esp), can result in death.

  • You can have concurrent viral and bacterial pneumonia, and also other infections.
  • Your immune system is more fragile during pneumonia.
    There are vaccines for pneumonia as well. Which vary in effectiveness and risks.


  • can you get cytokine storms from the flu and SC2? yes.
    If you have a frail immune system, your body may attack the cells that are trying to save your life, not just the incoming virus.


  • can you get inflammation from flu and SC2? yes. Which can lead to
  • sepsis.


  • can you have a heart attack or stroke from flu or SC2? yes.
    If you have high blood sugar, cholesterol or arterial plaque. Or if your damaged heart can’t take the strain.

  • can being hospitalized leave you at risk for hospital-born infections? yes you can get * staph infections, some of which are antibiotic resistant, like
  • MRSA, which can lead to
  • sepsis.


so if in each season, around the world, approx

  • 1/2 M people die of the flu, (that we know of, since we can’t chart everyone), do you think the old wolf still has teeth? I do!!! I’ve seen it’s bite.
    And then there was the 1918 flu H1N1
    and the swine flu – H1N1 So yeah,
  • some strains are worse than others. As SC2 will no doubt show to be as well.
    So both wolves have teeth.

…And what do you do?

Wash your hands, keep your paws away from your face, physically distance yourself from others, limit your interactions with others, stay out of crowds. Come on you know this!! Right??
And if you have to care for others, ie baths, mouth care, wear a mask.

…. resources

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