What is the Role of a Police Officer?

What is the Role of a Police Officer?

…..Well it’s not to be judge and jury,

So blaming the person they are arresting for being the wrong’un doesn’t excuse the officer for going too far, does it? The arrest is supposed to end with the criminal going to trial. Being held in a mental ward or jail till their case is heard by a judge.

You might reasonably expect a little human frustration when the wrong’un fights back and resists arrest. But that should be something like a few bruises. At worst a broken bone. And immediate assessment by a doctor to be sure there is nothing dangerous or deadly in their injuries.

And gauging the amount of response should be a fiscal and humane quest by police as well. If they get asked to check on someone’s welfare or break up a spousal spat, then what do riot gear and tanks do, except escalate the mood of the wrong’un and the fear aggression of the police? AND cost money.

But all these views do is focus on one interaction and that is where we lose ground. Because it’s not one, it’s systemic.

And the biggest flaw of the system is that policing diverts funds from the CAUSE of the need for police to be involved at all. The largest of which is poverty. People tend to get mad when they have to raise their kids in shanty towns, where they have limited fresh water and healthy food. Where every step out the door leads to interactions between gangs and police. When your kids are making pets of rats and roaches that come to visit them in their beds. And their only option to put food on the table is govt assistance.

Because nothing is being done to create healthy, local economies. The larger society is geared toward the success of the 1%. Not the poor, who are the majority of the people in any given country.

The larger economy is geared toward consumerism and consumption. Convenience and usery. It is not geared toward people.

….. it’s not to be your parent either

And the police are shoved thru a training system that focuses on power, rather than dealing with people in a humane fashion. Instead of seeing the person as a human being who is probably facing the worst day of their life, they see them as a criminal. Someone to be overcome rather than soothed. Or at least distracted from their negative aims.

Countries that take more time training their officers and those that have less punitive systems have less crime. So political groups that focus on crime rather than the systemic causes of it, like poverty, don’t serve the people. Or the police.

Police training should include things like de-escalation, negotiation, stress reduction and calming themselves and the wrong’un or wrong group down. And having tanks and riot gear visible are not calming.

…. it’s not to prevent crime

Frankly as many as there are, there aren’t enough to be everywhere.

Police are the front line for a system that is horrendously costly and ineffective. It’s become a money grab for big business and govt. With costs going up every year. And no resolution in sight.

Not only does it not solve this generation’s issues, but it practically guarantees that the next gen will follow in mom or dad’s foot-steps. Whether it was addictions, poverty, finding alternative incomes to a govt check, like prostitution and gang incomes like drugs.

It’s self-perpetuating.

…… or to be an investigator

Because very few of them actually succeed at doing more than racial profiling. Forensics excepted. So officers are there to secure the scene.
Presuming it’s reported


And that is why there is a call for police to be de-funded. So the money allocated to policing and incarceration can address the roots of crime and stress reactions such as addictions and mental illnesses.

Police are not the solution. The problem is systemic. To the point that protests are going world wide. And instead of listening, the police’s response is to further their violent actions.

And again, it’s not one incident. The problem is a systemic attitude that needs to be changed. You might believe that one officer went off the deep end, or one little band of police… But Amnesty Int’l has confirmed acts of brutality against people who are peacefully protesting. Across the USA. It’s not unique, And it needs to be addressed.

##…. not to be a social worker or therapist
But not by putting in another racist system. Like social work. Or the medical fields and drug companies that prey on the poor and disenfranchised.

The only way to deal with the wrong aspects of the systems are by addressing the roots of crime and mental disease.. Roots like poverty.

… police ARE meant to be first responders.

Not as military or para-military. But as an adult who can assess who needs to be called to help. If this person needs a cooling off period. Time away from society till they can cooperate and comply with the social rules again. Or if they need medical attention.

And to assist fire and ambulance to be safe.

To give first aid/CPR till someone with more medical training gets there.

….. resources

defund the police
doctors for defunding
critical resistance
amnesty intl map of brutality against peaceful protestors in usa

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