Everybody Has a Cause Célèbre, But We’ve Got Compassion Fatigue

Everybody Has a Cause Célèbre, But We’ve Got Compassion Fatigue

There are so many things we should care about these days. And it seems like all of them are urgent. Well, yeah they are! Those babies we should give just the right amount of attention to are all screaming. And we haven’t got any ear plugs! (oh lord!)

We know that babies die if they’re neglected. At the very least have some form of arrested development. And frankly we do want to do our best. We pride ourselves on it, don’t we? We want to be good parents. good citizens, leave the world a bit better off, right?

But this one has been crying for as long as we can remember, our friends are looking at us with hairy eyeballs, our family is telling us we suck at being a parent, and we feel like we’ve fucked up.

And this baby they keep tossing at us, well it isn’t the cute one or the smart one. The one that should get the attention. The one that will get us the most praise. Is it?

Those babies are so much easier to love. Esp if they’re the quiet, placid one with a sunny disposition that makes everyone around smile. No this baby takes ALL.THE.WORK. and gets NO. REWARDS.

That is what it’s like these days.

The climate is at an all time bad and dying before our eyes. And I suck at science. I hate reading temperature charts and graphs of minutia about species. And that Latin I took in school only goes so damn far folks! Why am I reading all the shit I hated in school?? But if we don’t do something soon, we won’t have a planet to live on, will we? Pffft! So I read.

Racial and cultural insensitivity is blaring all around the world. And here we thought things were improving. Most nations have laws about that shit. Why are we still even talking about stuff that belongs in the history books?? Srsly!! And yet we find that it wasn’t finished, like a bad meal. Just hidden better. Someone opened your storage closet and all the shit came tumbling out!! Dammit! (sighs). You vomitted and ugh nothing tastes good regurgitated. Nothing!

We live in the richest nations in the world and our charters say everyone is equal… Yet in order for the 1% to have all they want, someone’s child has to die today. No really, that is the rule. The exchange!. Because the 1% don’t fucking share well with others. They missed kindergarten. (holy muther!) And the wider the spread between rich and poor, the more children have to die to keep the 1% happy.

And just when you thought women’s lib had solved things so we know our place is secure, abortion gets set back, transgender is being screamed about, rapist politicians get put in office anyways. And kept there too!

And that is in the so-called “enlightened” nations. In the third world, women still face honour killings, genital mutilation and have to marry their rapists and live with their abusive partner. So what did our moms and grandmoms die for? (Holy hell!)

And after all these months of pandemic hysteria, hoax and WE WANT TO GO CAMPING, DANCING, DRINKING, BDSMing….it still aint fucking over??? Just SHAWT OPP!? BOUT DAT Shit!! I need a job, a meal, my savings is gone! LEMME in the line up!!

If I forgot one I’m sorry. But I think you get the drift here, right? All the houses on the street are burning at once and people are tired of hearing about it all.

Me too! But then I remember it’s not me I’m listening and reading for, is it? I’m ok with dying in the next 20 years. And if I’m dead, who cares if there’s a planet left? (goes out dancing!)

….Oh crap! Wait!….

I have a daughter! She might have kids and so on… It’d be kind of nice if they had a planet, right? Do you know of another one they can use? Well. do you?? Yeah I didn’t think so. All the other issues, babies, fires have time. But not this one thing.

So I go read a romance, or watch some music or cat doing silly stuff videos and I buckle down into that caring mode again.

You know, the not-sexy, not-fun brain stultifying, ear wigging crap that made me glad I left school. (Muther wants to get laid again. And someone has to bend over.)

I have a head ache. And no one reads my shit anyways, right? They just want another meme or shoe, or some erotica about male dom and female sub I don’t write anyways. (just ugh!)

(waves at the crowd) Keep it down folks, I got some reading to do!

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