The Red Triangle…. – The Latest Reason Trump Needs Sensitivity Training Then

The Red Triangle…. – The Latest Reason Trump Needs Sensitivity Training Then

Before Trump was elected by the colleges, I lost a fet-friend or two because I called him a racist. But over and over he keeps doing the same things, and eventually you’d think he’d learn he needs browner faces in his cabinet, among his advisors. So maybe he could avoid some of these pitfalls.

Or he really is a racist.

And in the context of all these BLM, BIPOC protests, you’d think he would try to at least not agitate the water, the people… But oh no, he doubles down and gets really offensive.

And yes, I could say he just isn’t a polished poitician and be right about that.

Except for the constants in this… It never fails that Trump errs toward white supremacy, racist views and racist symbols. And he does allow racist groups to fund his campaign.

So is he playing to them?

Yes he does bluster and rant. And that is who he is.. and I’d be right to blame him for his own actions.

But where are all his polished political advisors? All the Republican party bigwigs?

When asked about Trump’s latest “gaffe” by reporters, their response seems to usually be, “I didn’t see that yet”. Sad, but…. everyone on twitter and facebook are seeing them. I get you’re busy Sir… but maybe one of your assistants or secretaries should log on now and then?

But then they wouldn’t have plausible deniability… at least till they have a publisher for their tell-all book deal. Right?

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…. the red triangle and Nazi Concentration camps

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