Parliament of Canada – face to faces vs Skype – Essential Services and all

Parliament of Canada – face to faces vs Skype – Essential Services and all

Sadly, I’ve been watching the clips of discussions held on Parliament Hill via Twitter. And I gotta say… I am so not impressed.

Is that the “Essential” service that requires face-to-face sessions? That put their families, their staff and their staff’s families at risk?


No it’s not that likely, Member Conservative Party idiot, and Honourable Chair, that most of Canadians are fraudulent. Not that many of us have horses. And prisoners don’t get access to the internet here in Canada. We presume if there is a birth certificate for a child, you can safely send a child support check to the family. And somebody has to take care of the kid as parents try to bring money in. And those business licenses they have to sign with their blood probably mean they are eligible for support from the govt. They do pay taxes after all. I mean it’s not like they’re listing their book tour guide and talent manager as dependents on their tax returns, is it?

So Member Conservative Party idiot, and Honourable Chair, how is it that there is such a challenge over the authenticity of these one time payouts going to these Canadians at this time?

And srsly! Why do we have to yawn and fart our way thru this for hours on end?

I cannot imagine you getting elected again, when the election year actually does come around again.

Because Member Conservative Party idiot, and Honourable Chair, the people you are maligning with these outrageous claims are the people who won’t be voting for you. Pretty sure about that! Their vote actually DOES count in Canada, ya know?


(author’s note – You may get why I won’t be voting conservative next election now, right?)

Why Do Cdns Care What Happens in USA Politics re: Covid 19?

Why Do Cdns Care What Happens in USA Politics re: Covid 19?

Pssst! I don’t mean to tag in any black marketeers but in case you haven’t noticed, our border and yours are the longest in the world! For trade, our supply chain and for tourism. Some work there, some study there. Some have families and friends there.
And that border, even semi-open now, means a higher risk of getting this virus for Cdns. You really are number 1 now! I don’t think this is what MAGA has in mind? I hope I’m right about that. Our fate is sadly tied with yours.

people are human O.o no wait! That can’t be right!!??

people are human O.o no wait! That can’t be right!!??


At my univ, you could NOT get thru any human studies course without hearing about class theory.
Marx and Engels , Emile Durkheim and Noam Chomsky were the ones you couldn’t graduate without knowing.

And the base premise is that most people never rise above where they were born. They can’t. Whether their social structure is agricultural or industrial.

One interesting study on this is the caste system of Hinduism .
Another is the feudal system that supports the monarchy

These theories and systems are held in place for both men and women. And the United Nations is calling for these inheritance systems to be disbanded. But how do you do that when farmer hands property to child, small business owner hands it to child? How do you do that when Christendom is built on inheritance, one child inherits, one goes to war, and one goes to the priesthood/nunnery? Who leads the way in this call?

The 1% holds the wealth power and influence that runs the world. Some might call them the Illuminati , some might call them despots. Some may say they are kind and moral but not all are .

The Western model of leadership is mostly derived from Plato/Socrates and it clearly and finitely outlines who leaders are and how the classes are divided.

And given the above, there is little variance between how men and women are treated in their classes. How high they can rise.

The rest is mostly seen as a pipe dream.

There is little opportunity for anyone other than a white patriarchy to rise.

And it’s why we need to remember that most men are held hostage to this model, as well as women.

It’s in this reality that men and women have become allies IMO. Looking for a way to break our own traces, we lift each other up. We realize that we work against the machine. Whether we are white or brown. Whether we are man, woman or transgender. We can only succeed if we include each other in our efforts.

Progress has been made, and I’m not sure if the cited theorists would write the same books or papers now. But their followers still do, so I’m going to err on the side that we still have systems to smash and leaders to unseat.

I think the pandemic has shown that nationalism and class/caste bases are dangerous. And the very people the 1% are trying to hold down are the ones who are saving their lives. But then I’m a bit of an anarchist. I might stand in good company though.

Police Week in Ontario. & National Nurses Week 2020 in Canada

Police Week in Ontario. & National Nurses Week 2020 in Canada

….. police week

May 10 to 16 will be designated Police Week in Ontario. The provincial theme for 2020 is “Leading the Way to Safer Communities/ Batir un Avenir Sur Pour Nos Collectives”.
“Police Week was first observed in 1970 and coincides with the Peace Officers Memorial Day, which is recognized internationally on May 15.

…….nurses’ week

National Nurses Week 2020 in Canada began on
Monday , May 11
and ends on
Sunday , May 17
to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightinggale
Lady with the Lamp, (born May 12, 1820, Florence [Italy]—died August 13, 1910, London, England),

….. This year

more than ever, nurses and police are heroes.
Willing to put their lives on the line to care for and guard us. And some have indeed been lost in the struggle this year. RIP and thx for your service.



(The graffiti is from Banksy. )

Good Mother (For Mother’s Day)

Good Mother (For Mother’s Day)

Jann Arden has a good image in her song of what a good mother does for their child, when it goes right.
But like all things in life, there is “many a slip between cup and lip”.
There are mothers who die young and leave you without.
There are mothers who love you to bits, but circumstance or mental health impede their abilities to be a mom.
There are mothers who resent the fuck out of you for just being there. For just existing and find every possible way to exclude you or make you feel bad for their pain or anger.
And there are a few who actually manage all the stuff a child needs, but the kid is a harder sell on it and they get tired out. Feel unsupported.
It takes more to be a mom than putting food on the table and clothes on your back. It takes encouraging them, and rearing them to become their own person. In those little steps you have to keep doing everyday.
And these days, it takes someone who says no when their lives depend upon it. But finds little yeses along the way when the big ones are adhered to. So the child and mom aren’t deflated.
Happy Mother’s Day to those who make the job look easy, and to those who stay in the struggle. Happy Mother’s Day to me.
Stay well and stay safe, Moms! We deserve this day!

Dictators and Covid 19 spread – Comparitively, how fast do they get their borders shut?

Dictators and Covid 19 spread – Comparitively, how fast do they get their borders shut?

(btw, with several pages open, the copy-pasting didn’t really take long. But this was a question I wanted to know the answer to.)

source for dictators
source for covid 19 numbers


The thing about these numbers is you have no idea if they’re the truth. Would the dictator be honest with the people collecting the numbers? Some did fail to report.
Would the people tell the govt they’re sick in a dictatorship?
The one thing that might actually make lower reports plausible, no matter what their population is, is that the closer the ruler is to an oligarch, the faster they could slam the borders shut in an emergency.
So how open are their borders normally? How able are most of the people to travel, financially? What tourist and business draws do they have for outsiders?
How close are they to an epicenter? How often do they mingle?
How sparse is the population for the land mass, how accessible is clean water for hygiene?
How available is testing and health care?


With those questions in mind:
(For perspective, Canada’s capital city of Ottawa has a population of 994,837 (2017). and our biggest city of Toronto has 2.93 million (2017). )



country/ population

Afghanistan 37.17 million (2018)

confirmed cases 3778
deaths 109
last 14 days 2427

Algeria 42.23 million (2018)

confirmed cases 5369
deaths 488
last 14 days 2242

Angola 30.81 million (2018)

confirmed cases 43
deaths 2
last 14 days18

Azerbaijan 9.981 million (2019)

confirmed cases 2279
deaths 28
last 14 days687

Bahrain 1.569 million (2018)

confirmed cases 4444
deaths 8
last 14 days1926

Belarus 9.485 million (2018)

confirmed cases 21101
deaths 121
last 14 days 12328

Brunei 428,962 (2018)

confirmed cases 141
deaths 1
last 14 days 3

Burundi 11.18 million (2018)

confirmed cases 19
deaths 1
last 14 days 7

Cambodia 16.25 million (2018)

confirmed cases 122
deaths 0
last 14 days 0

Cameroon 25.22 million (2018)

confirmed cases 2265
deaths 108
last 14 days 862

the Central African Republic 4.666 million (2018)

confirmed cases 143
deaths 0
last 14 days 124

Chad 15.48 million (2018)

confirmed cases 260
deaths 28
last 14 days 220

China 1.393 billion (2018)

confirmed cases 83976
deaths 4637
last 14 days 77

the Republic of Congo 5.244 million (2018)

confirmed cases 287
deaths 10
last 14 days 87

Cuba 11.34 million (2018)

confirmed cases 1741
deaths 74
last 14 days 456

Equatorial Guinea 1.309 million (2018)

confirmed cases 439
deaths 4
last 14 days 227

Eritrea 3.214 million (2011)

confirmed cases 39
deaths 0
last 14 days 0

Ethiopia 109.2 million (2018)

confirmed cases 194
deaths 4
last 14 days 77

Gabon 2.119 million (2018)

confirmed cases 620
deaths 8
last 14 days 448

Iran 81.8 million (2018)

confirmed cases 104691
deaths 6541
last 14 days 16497

Iraq 38.43 million (2018)

confirmed cases 2603
deaths 104
last 14 days 895

Kazakhstan 18.28 million (2018)

confirmed cases 4834
deaths 31
last 14 days 2352

Laos 7.062 million (2018)

confirmed cases 19
deaths 0
last 14 days 0

Libya 6.679 million (2018)

confirmed cases 64
deaths 3
last 14 days 3

Mauritania 4.403 million (2018)

confirmed cases 8
deaths 1
last 14 days 1

Nicaragua 6.466 million (2018)

confirmed cases 16
deaths 5
last 14 days 5

North Korea n/a

Oman 4.829 million (2018)

confirmed cases 3112
deaths 15
last 14 days 1322

Qatar 2.782 million (2018)

confirmed cases 20201
deaths 12
last 14 days 11676

Russia 144.5 million (2018)

confirmed cases 187859
deaths 1723
last 14 days 119237

Rwanda 12.3 million (2018)

confirmed cases 273
deaths 0
last 14 days 97

Saudi Arabia 33.7 million (2018)

confirmed cases 35432
deaths 229
last 14 days 20330

Somalia 15.01 million (2018)

confirmed cases 928
deaths 44
last 14 days 600

South Sudan 10.98 million (2018)

confirmed cases 120
deaths 0
last 14 days 115

Sudan 41.8 million (2018)

confirmed cases 1111
deaths 59
last 14 days 937


/ Eswatini 1.136 million (2018)
confirmed cases 159
deaths 2
last 14 days 119

Syria 16.91 million (2018)

confirmed cases 47
deaths 3
last 14 days 5

Tajikistan 9.101 million (2018)

confirmed cases 522
deaths 12 l
ast 14 days 522

Thailand 69.43 million (2018)

confirmed cases 3000
deaths 55
last 14 days 146

Tibet n/a

Turkey 82 million (2019)

confirmed cases 135569
deaths 3689
last 14 days 30657

Turkmenistan n/a

Uganda 42.72 million (2018)

confirmed cases 101
deaths 0
last 14 days 26

the United Arab Emirates 9.631 million (2018)

confirmed cases 16793
deaths 174
last 14 days 7512

Uzbekistan 32.96 million (2018)

confirmed cases 2336
deaths 10
last 14 days 500

Venezuela 28.87 million (2018)

confirmed cases 388
deaths 10
last 14 days 70

Vietnam 95.54 million (2018)

confirmed cases 288
deaths 0
last 14 days 18

Western Sahara 582,463 (2019)

confirmed cases 6
deaths 0
last 14 days 6

Yemen 28.5 million (2018)

confirmed cases 34
deaths 7
last 14 days 33

May 8 2020 – 75th anniversary of VE Day

candle gif giphy

The speech of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II
Justin Trudeau’s speech
Today, as then, there should be parades and dancing in the streets. For the people who died and those who served, and their families who sacrificed so much to let peace reign.
But it doesn’t imply a lack of honour or recognition for all this cost.  All that we have been given because you stepped up when you were needed.
May we learn from you and forward those lessons into our own time, as we need to sacrifice and be strong.
In remembrance of you.

Covid 19 and people with autoimmune conditions.

Covid 19 and people with autoimmune conditions.

I think the people who have health issues have been worrying needlessly with this virus. Just because you’re at higher risk, doesn’t mean you will get it or die from it. Part of that is how much of the virus you were exposed to, part is how well you take care of yourself, and part is whether or not your particular issues involve high inflammations, or your body attacking itself. (Cytokine storms).

There is a difference in disease model:

For some, having an autoimmune disorder means you are more prone to symptoms like fatigue, being moody, maybe having joint swelling when you have a flare-up. For some, catching a cold or flu means you will see a longer harder road, and get every round near you. Your immune system is weak, fragile.


For some, you practically have to live in a bubble. Because any germ near you creates a life or death struggle. You get infections and they actually threaten your limbs remaining attached. You get a cold or flu and you’re on a ventilator. This isn’t as common as you’d think. It happens in diseases like Lupus, RA, MS, Fibromyalgia and even Alzheimers. But not every thing has that condition.

It takes what is a normal immunal response (trying to fight off a germ by sending in good cells to fight off the bad ones (think of a game of pac-man) ) and flips the script to where the good cells attack healthy cells too and won’t stop eating them. You don’t have an immune system you can rely on. What should be your best ally is in fact your morbid enemy. It wants to kill you. And it tries over and over again.

……. But there is good news!

A new trial has begun in London, Ontario. They are finding some success with using revised dialysis on people who are hospitalized with bad cases of Covid 19! This might actually help the most fragile of the fragile survive the fight!

It doesn’t mean you should go out and party… but you don’t anyways do you? But maybe you can relax a bit, since there is something coming just for you! It is now in trial!

….. resources

…. introducing the players

csn – Dr Chris Mcintyre
Lawson Health Research Inst. and London Health Sciences

Twitter’s Buzz These Days –

Twitter’s Buzz These Days –

In case you’re not part of the “fun” of twitter, I thought I’d bring you some of what I see going on there. At least in my feed.

…. 1

Yes Covid 19 is the front runner, in a way. Everyone is scared, sad. in mourning for their family, friends, jobs and economy. But a LOT of them are watching Trump self-combust. His tweets actually ARE getting more and more insane as the outbreak goes on. Sadly he still has defenders. I worry about the election, I really do! But this is the gallows humour to watch.


The different political parties around the world are vying back and forth between safety of their voters and the economy. I don’t think corpses get a vote. Though some politicians have indeed made it possible thru the years

… new lexicon! on viruses

anti-genic drift
anti-genic shift
And this is why I don’t think a vaccine is the way to go. So far there are between 14-30 mutations of the virus, and this is season one. Ponder on that as you recall that every year we get vaccines for the flu, yet people still get it and die from it.

….. 2

The environment is next. It should be number one, right? Yet it’s not. cuzz most people don’t grasp that until that gets dealt with we have a future where pandemics come in waves and waves… But it’s great to see some do!

….. 3

Religion has made a new upsurge on the site. Those who want to convert vs those who want to mourn or worry in peace. My feed reflects Buddhism and Christianity. And no, that wasn’t by my design, since I have a follow-back policy. With few exceptions.

….. 4

Who are the heroes? Is a theme there as well. Are they the politicians, the doctors/scientists, the frontline workers, the people who are being locked down and suffering? I guess they aren’t masos?

…. 5

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands’ event on Saturday May 23, and things are gearing up for that.

…… 6

the UN is focused a LOT on gender/sexuality and racial/culture equality and raise interesting points like women having access to menstruation supplies, and abortions. Staying with abusive partners since they have no place to go. And can’t leave right now. And the issue of LGBTQ folk being denied health care and housing has escalated.


and the usual song shares and adorbs beasties and kiddies doing cute stuff as well.

What’s changed?

A lot less than you’d think!
The twitter world is actually a pretty good idea of what the people of the world are thinking about. Some stars are sharing their songs so we can stay connected to them. And some artists are sharing their works, some as they go and some finished. It is sooooo cool to watch!

are you on twitter?

Is your feed like mine?

May 3 2020 World Freedom of the Press Day – Without fear or favour!

world press fredom day wpfd_banner_en_938x488


from those who defy govts and religions to bring the truth and get locked up or murdered. To those who pander to fads and egos. Is it the freedom that counts above all? Or their integrity?

May 3 2020 World Freedom of the Press Day – Without fear or favour!

I have a love /hate relationship with the press. Maybe because I took sociology at univ and I know what they are supposed to do, and rarely do. And I see the horrible display that is considered reporting and sadly that has to be protected as much as the good examples and reporters should be for full freedom. Yet the first casualty of a power shift is integrity of the press.

what is the press supposed to be? But is it that?

Mostly, media is supposed to be about connection between the people. A way of communicating values and showing a fair representation of the populace. Which is not often done. People are left out, or mocked to gain favour with the rulers of the govt and religions within the state/country. To make money.

It’s also supposed to be a govt watchdog. To report fairly about the issues the govt faces and tell the people how they are doing. Esp during elections. But sadly it sensationalizes the stories of the lives of the candidates. And you often can clearly see which party the reporter, outlet &/or station favours.

Media, esp the bigger productions, often have about 3-5 reporters embedded who share what they see with all the media outlets so you can see the same faces and thoughts in multiple broadcasts.

So even though it is meant to be an independent watchdog for the people, it rarely is.

It becomes a show, full of cute faces that tell you a bunch of crap you can hear anywhere. Where the favourite politicians and heroes of sports, art, movies and fashion get touted. And the others get ignored or mocked for their efforts and behaviour. In some cases it makes you wonder just how much discretion they have.

There have been broadcasts that i have actually shut off because the reporter was a gossipy busy-body rather than a professional journalist.

or is that just in the West? North America?

Because there are countries where journalists and citizens are willing to be imprisoned, tortured, exiled or die to get the truth out. Now them I love!

and at home? In the West.

We talk as if we have a right to the same things they hold so dear they put their lives and families on the line to protect.

It is bloody rare that a Western journalist gets jailed for what they try to report. Or for withholding their sources.

And often we cannot seem to make the distinction between artistic freedom of expression (civilian) and actual freedom of speech (journalists). Sounding really entitled TBH.

In our place of safety, we actually presume we are somehow targeted or threatened, even watched by the govt and/or religions for our blogs and videos of rants against them. Which makes me want to hurl or get out my psych texts to diagnose them. (No that isn’t really allowed or something I participate in, so I’m left with nausea)

now do you see why?

As I said at the top, i have a love/hate relationship with the press. And that is in the best of times.

This year, with the pandemic, I’ve found myself wanting to throw my TV or computer out the window. We get Trump-idiocy and media coverage of nonsense that actually has led to people being harmed due to the nonsense the press actually spreads. That in the name of political coverage is being spread and putting the people the press are meant to serve at risk. The press is not meant to be a political mouth-piece, ever. Yet here we are.

And the press is supposed to fact check… Yet how often have we seen misinformation spread? How responsible is that? Answer – not!!

so I err on the side of….

nothing they say should be listened to. Watch for their entertainment value. Develop or utilize your sense of gallows humour and do your own fact checking. Which is a real real shame.

I am left wondering how the press will come out of this with any integrity left. So why have them?