It’s Easier to Call for Peace and Calm from a Place of Strength

It’s Easier to Call for Peace and Calm from a Place of Strength

From the days of the Civil War, and the Underground Railroad, many groups tried to be the voice of love and justice. Voices that normally said the world is evil and we need to separate ourselves from it to protect our young and frail. And they lived on farms and in communes to assure that.

But the world keeps encroaching itself on them. Either by surrounding their farms, or when their media comes into their home.

Somehow in all the voices that have been shouting for calm and saying justice will prevail, it is the voice that is raised in hymns of peace and love that were actually heard in Minneapolis and have been trending all over Twitter since yesterday. The ones that historically were on the side of black lives. Black freedom. That truth has not been forgotten.

Sometimes being quiet and standing on the side of justice, peace and love reaches more people than authority ever will.


The quiet voice that has always said that evil must be prevented. It cannot stand. It cannot be tolerated. The voice of love must be heard when people most need to hear it.

And so it was heard.

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