Operation Laser Update: Military Report on the Quality of Care they Found in the LTCs is appalling

Operation Laser Update: Military Report on the Quality of Care they Found in the LTCs is appalling

Two Days ago i wrote about Operation Laser, the introduction of the military into Long term care centers to help staff manage the care of the elderly. The conditions they found were appalling. Here is what they said:

…… the military findings


TORONTO — Members of the military called in to assist five long-term care homes in Ontario dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks wrote a report on some of the troubling observations they made at those homes. Here is a selection of the allegations, which Premier Doug Ford called horrific.

Eatonville Care Centre:

A list of some of the allegations in a military report on long-term care homes

— Poor catheter care, resulting in nearly a dozen incidents of bleeding fungal infections.

— Much of the stock of medication was months out of date, meaning residents had “likely been getting expired medication for quite some time.”

— Aggressiveness when changing diapers, not stopping when resident complains of pain, and “degrading or inappropriate comments directed at residents.”

Hawthorne Place:

— “Protocols in place have a near 100 per cent contamination rate for equipment, patients and overall facility…Equipment is seldom/ever observed to be disinfected but is used between positive/negative patients.”

— “Significant gross fecal contamination was noted in numerous patient rooms.”

— Insect infestations, including ants and cockroaches.

— Patients crying for help with staff not responding, sometimes for over two hours.

Orchard Villa:

— Cockroaches and flies present.

— Patients left soiled in diapers rather than being taken to the toilet.

— Staff were not always sitting residents up before feeding them. One incident “appears to have contributed in patient death,” with a code blue due to choking during feeding while supine.

Altamont Care Community:

— “Due to significant staffing issues, most residents were reported to not having received three meals per day.”

— A significant number of residents had pressure ulcers, including up to stage four, which involves damage down to the muscle or bone.

— “Medications are being reported/documented as being given but in fact they are not.”

Grace Manor:

— Staff moving from a COVID-positive unit to other units without changing contaminated PPE.

— Leaving food in a resident’s mouth while they are sleeping.

— Not assisting residents during meals. “Staff would write the resident refused to eat, rather than helping them.”

…. the context

Since Mike “the knife” Harris was premier of Ontario, funding has been repeatedly cut to LTCs that could have gone to more staff and more/better staff training. And that was BEFORE a pandemic came along. Now the quality of care there looks more like a third world nation than one of the richest countries in the world. There really is no excuse! BUT you’ll be thrilled to know that the shareholders and owners earned millions during this period?! Is this what you want to have independently run, with no oversight? Because that is what Ford and Mike Harris are going for. Now.

…. the responses

Justin Trudeau
Doug Ford
SEIU Health Care Union Head – Sharleen Stewart
the voice of the shut out family

… Ford is calling for a coroner’s inquest

what does a cornoner’s inquest look like?
And is that the best solution when the people in power are playing pass the buck with people’s lives? With their safety, dignity, and care? I wish I could think it would be an independent inquest, but the coroner is paid by the govt….

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