Operation Laser – A Cdn Military’s Pandemic Response in Greater Toronto and Montreal

Operation Laser – A Cdn Military’s Pandemic Response in Greater Toronto and Montreal

When the govt realized that long term care facilities (LTCs) that were already understaffed and overwhelmed pre-pandemic were in a major crisis, the military of Canada was deployed to help in two waves. First went those who had any and all medical training, then soldiers who needed basic training (use of PPE and basic asst tasks.)

They also had to be segregated even from each other so they didn’t cross-contaminate either the seniors or each other.

That is how desperate those two hot spots of Canada became. How desperate they were allowed to come. Because prior to the military deployment, seniors were also needing hospitalization for dehydration and malnutrition. Not just Covid 19. The already beleaguered staff were scared, in some cases sick (and dying) and there were some who quit. Which left the LTCs in dire straights.

In one case an entire LTC was abandoned by staff. Think about that. The infirm, the wheelchair and geriatric chair bound, people with strokes and senility were left with no one to feed, change or lift them from chair to bed… It makes me cry just to think about it.

Do you know how long it takes to die from lack of water and food? Days, weeks. Depending how healthy they were to begin with. But still days minimum.

I’ve worked in LTCs and I know just how desperate staff had to be to walk out.

I also know that union reps are leaving their desks to pinch hit as whatever is needed.

How long will this go on? Unknown. Even in a country that has a decent care and support system, things can get really really bad.

So how is it going in third world countries? It is something I cannot even begin to guess at, even though I do know the back story here.

And in the face of this, we have protestors, and partiers putting us more at risk. Think about who you are hurting when it’s more important to get your hair cut or go to the park with your friends.


In Greater Montreal area

Support is currently being provided in the following facilities:

  1. Manoir de Verdun (Montréal)
  2. Centre d’hébergement Yvon-Brunet (Montréal)
  3. CHSLD Villa Val des Arbres (Laval)
  4. Grace Dart Extended Care Centre (Montréal)
  5. CHSLD Vigi Reine-Elizabeth (Montréal)
  6. Résidence Berthiaume-Du Tremblay (Montréal)
  7. CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal (Ville Mont-Royal)
  8. CHSLD Floralies-De-Lasalle (Lasalle)
  9. Centre d’hébergement de Saint-Laurent (Saint-Laurent)
  10. CHSLD Argyle (Saint-Lambert)
  11. CHSLD Benjamin-Victor-Rousselot (Montréal)
  12. CHSLD Auclair (Montréal)
  13. CHSLD de la Rive (Laval)
  14. CHSLD Eloria-Lepage (Montréal)
  15. Centre d’Hébergement Jean-De-La-Lande (Montréal)
  16. Centre d’Hébergement Saint-Andrew (Montréal)
  17. CHSLD Denis-Benjamin Viger (Montréal)
  18. Le Bellagio (Longueuil)
  19. Centre d’Hébergement Real-Morel (Montréal)
  20. CHSLD Jean-Hubert-Biermans (Montréal)
  21. Centre d’Hébergement Saint-Margaret (Montréal)
  22. CHSLD Cartierville (Montréal)
  23. Centre d’Hébergement Nazaire-Piché (Montréal)
  24. CHSLD de Lachine (Lachine)
  25. CHSLD Paul-Gouin (Montréal)

CAF personnel have completed their tasks the following locations:

  1. CHSLD Hôpital Sainte-Anne (Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue)
  2. CHSLD Valéo (Saint-Lambert)

… the Greater Toronto area.

Support is currently being provided in the following facilities:

  1. Orchard Villa, in Pickering
  2. Altamont Care Community, in Scarborough
  3. Eatonville, in Etobicoke
  4. Hawthorne Place, in North York
  5. Holland Christian Homes Grace Manor, in Brampton

to you soldiers…

Thank you so much!!
source – Global News story
Operation Laser – govt of Canada

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