This Week in the Earth Comes First – Bees!

bee pop if i die unnamed

This Week in the Earth Comes First – Bees!

Yesterday was World Bee Day so to celebrate, I thought I’d post something about bees. I don’t know much about them, except they help make one of my fave things: HONEY! (You’d think I was Pooh Bear! but not quite!) I don’t eat it by the jar… quite.

About the bee though….

Did you know that there is more than one kind of bee? And did you know it’s such a cool creature, that there are fake bees too? (I think kinksters can relate to that.)

Did you know a LOT of the plants in the world are reliant on the bee? And not just the pretty flowers either. But much of the food you eat, whether you’re a vegan or meat eater. Honey bees are becoming extinct in many parts of the world and their foe is us. Humans take over their habitats, and we use pesticides which kill bees. We really are shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s no wonder they’re after us a bit now . I mean, do you blame them?

Creatures like this are why our world is in so much trouble, and open to pandemics. We really DO need to reconsider how we treat our planet and it’s fellow inhabitants. Or we won’t have a planet left that we can tolerate. And we haven’t found another one we can live on.

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