During this Pandemic…. which are you?

grim reaper jim carrey cartoon EXxDIOEU8AAEyth

During this Pandemic…. which are you?

Different people have different ways of dealing with high stress moments of life. Which are you? (you don’t have to answer, but think about it)


the magical thinker (also called ostriches) – if I wish it away or ignore it, it won’t affect me or those I love
the researcher – goes on a google spree to end all sprees with a medical dictionary open beside them
the follower – picks a field, person and takes their view as gospel
the blamer – finds someone who doesn’t seem to be doing the same things and blames them for all that goes wrong
the bigot – finds a group of people they dislike more and more and blames them for the ills of the world, esp this one
the worker – one who finds things that need to be done to keep themselves busy, to help others
the fixer – makes a list of charitable causes and donates time and money to them, and if admin inclined, gives them goals to adhere to in a reasonable time frame
the SJW – watches those in charge and those who aren’t following their idea of what is to be done and rants about them
the humourist – most have a dark sense of humor and find the guffaws thru the bottom of the pit moments to reflect.
the anarchist – watches everyone and tosses out everything they’ve seen and come up with new ways to see the same things.


They all have a good purpose when it comes to a crisis. We have the dreamers, the ones who question authority and the status quo, and those who take leadership to get things done. But they are fun/ny to watch, if all you do is sit back with popcorn. It’s a heck of a reality show.

…. The image

And to leave you with a bit of gallows humour….
from the desk of Jim Carrey
(the grim reaper gives Trump the jealous middle finger cuzz Trump has a higher death toll this year)

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