SIV/SAIDS-HIV/AIDS Another Virus’ History


SIV/SAIDS-HIV/AIDS Another Virus’ History

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Viruses have their common rules, but they aren’t all the same. Covid 19 may be airborn, but HIV is not likely to be.

Some have immediate symptoms, some have intermedial delays before you know you have it, like Covid 19. And some have longer delays like HIV.

But they still are viruses in that you can be a carrier, have mild symptoms and respond to treatment, and sometimes you see the rough road. Where you are resistant to the meds, you get parasitic infections, and/or you die.

But with HIV that number is getting less and less as time and knowledge go by. It is now more commonly known as “living with” AIDS.

Like SARS Cov 2, most people who are exposed survive now.

Like SARS Covid 2, there is a separation between the virus SARS and the disease Covid 19. Between the virus HIV and the disease AIDS.

And both require you to take precautions to avoid the virus. SARS Cov 2 is to wash hands and step back, HIV is to wear a condom if you have sex with someone.

Do that and there really is no reason to panic.
But they are both pandemics.

There were approximately 37.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2018. HIV/AIDS has actually cost more than 32 million lives so far.


And politically? There was a real failure to respond when AIDS was thought to be a “gay disease”.

Sometimes it takes more than knowledge and/or panic to deal with a pandemic.

Sometimes it takes common sense and heart. Two things that politicians are notoriously lacking in.

It always takes money and research. But most politicians would rather play tag with each other and have pissing contests than do that. It costs lives when they do that.

It’s more likely to be political failure to respond quickly that takes those lives.

…. Aids documentary movie

And the Band Played on

……. definition of retroviruses

A type of virus that uses RNA as its genetic material. After infecting a cell, a retrovirus uses an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to convert its RNA into DNA. The retrovirus then integrates its viral DNA into the DNA of the host cell, which allows the retrovirus to replicate. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is a retrovirus.


….. definition of lentiviruses

Lentiviruses are a family of retroviruses linked by similarities in genetic composition, molecular mechanisms of replication and in biological interactions with their hosts. They are best known as agents of slow disease syndromes that begin insidiously after prolonged periods of subclinical infection and progress slowly leading to the degeneration of multiple organ systems, cachexia (wasting) and death.

HIV-2 /Siv &
(HIV-1). These are subtypes of HIV-1:

Within group M there are known to be at least nine genetically distinct subtypes of HIV-1. These are subtypes A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J and K.

The strains of HIV-1 can be classified into four groups.Of these, M is the ‘major’ group and is responsible for the majority of the global HIV epidemic.

The other three groups – N, O and P – are quite uncommon. Group O represents up to 5% of infections in several west and central African countries, and Group N and P have been rarely identified in Cameroon. All groups can be detected by HIV-1 antibody tests.

There are Subtypes within HIV-1 group M
hybrid virus, known as a ‘circulating recombinant form’ (CRFs). Around 89 of these are known to exist.

…. contagion path of HIV

HIV can’t survive for long in the environment. When fluid leaves the body and is exposed to air, it begins to dry up. … Some research show that, even at levels much higher than usually found in the bodily fluids and blood of people with HIV, 90 to 99 percent of the virus is inactive within hours of being exposed to air. source

HIV is not spread by: Air or water. … Saliva, tears, or sweat that is not mixed with the blood of a person with HIV. Shaking hands; hugging; sharing toilets; sharing dishes, silverware, or drinking glasses; or engaging in closed-mouth or “social” kissing with a person with HIV. source

….. sources
journal of virology

COVID 19 – I’m a Germophobe… But I Know a Few Rules About Viruses so I’m not in Panic Mode

COVID 19 – I’m a Germophobe… But I Know a Few Rules About Viruses so I’m not in Panic Mode


Let me share the rules with you:

Even air born or aerosol viruses don’t hang about, They need a host cell. Otherwise they degrade. Almost instantly. You know they’re there, as in detectable, but they aren’t typically contagious. They are as good as dead.


Very few people walk up to you and sneeze or cough full blast near your face (eyes, nose, mouth). Exception is very young babies. If they do do that, please cut them from your friends’ list! You have every right!! That is a very disgusting person!


People who want to talk to you rarely get close to your face, even when they want to share a secret. These people usually go closer to your ear. And there is just too much piping there to allow contagion.


Someone standing near you isn’t a threat, if their mouth is closed. If they’re dressed. If they are at least remotely hygenic (they wash and bathe regularly). In order for a virus to remain alive it needs the right type of environment (moist), and something to eat. Or like us, it starves to death.


There is a reason they call it spitting distance:
It’s your spray they mean, not the fact you exist. People don’t spray equally. Some do more, some do less.


Not all viruses are created equal. Like humans, they have their preferences for what orifices and conditions they like to embed.


So just exactly how much of this virus did you come in contact with? Was there an intimate exchange? (hand shake, Hug, sex, physical contact) Did you touch something after they did? Did you share a plate at dinner? Do you live in the same house as them? Inhabit the same rooms? Do you use their bathroom?


Your mouth is actually your dirtiest place on your body. It’d probably be cleaner to lick someone’s asshole than to kiss them. Dogs have it right! Be a dog!


You need a certain amount of viruses and bacteria in your body. A pathologist doing your post mortem can tell what places you’ve been, what food you ate, approx how old you are… given enough time they can find you based on the viruses you have been exposed to in your life time.


Some people just slough off things that should have killed them and some people pick up everything going. In over 50 years, I hardly ever got a cold or the flu. When my kid was in day care however, I got an awesome number of ear infections. You are prone to what you are. (I wouldn’t join the snake handlers cult though.
{Mark 16-18 New International Version
they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”}) Because something WILL kill you …. eventually!


There are very few people who actually can or should live in a bubble. A new baby, @ 0-6 mths, who is bottle fed. A person currently getting cancer treatment/chemo therapy, A pregnant woman has less immunity. And the rest are pretty much people with diseases that compromise their immunity. If that isn’t you…. you should be fine! Save the PPE for health care workers. and just be a bit more distant than usual.

….. sources for this post

how stuff works


Bottomline, in these days of closures of public place gatherings, you have to work a LOT harder to be exposed in the first place. The leading minds in this are still saying that approx 80% of people will be mildly ill. Like a cold or a flu. And so far the death toll is @ 6.3% of cases. So how much do you really have to worry, to the point where you steal PPE or hoard it away from the frontline workers?

The Herd (a story)

The Herd

The herd was happily running across the glen, playing, prancing. Enjoying the weather and each other. Thinking they were safe.
Till one nose went up, then another…

Yes, there was a strange smell. It smelled of anger, perhaps hate. It smelled of intention to harm. Was that sulphur? Or gun-powder?
So the young and fast went to the center of the pack. The sturdy and thick-bodied formed a ring around the others. Presuming their extra body weight might protect them and the others.

A couple lagged behind the others, to act as sentry. But it looked as if they were unable to keep up. So the threat headed toward them, instead of the herd.


As soon as the herd was clear, the laggers sped up so they out-distanced the hunter. Their ears picked up his howl of rage.


The herd were laying in the grass. Some stretched out. And some curled around a mate or a child. Some licking and preening themselves or their adored one.

A head at the outside of the herd perked up. Was that thing they smelled a threat? Or just a curiousity? It seemed to have passed by, so the guardians of the herd went back to their laziness. But kept an eye out just the same.


The herd was out looking for food and they saw prey in the bushes. So a couple slowed down and lazily, wih limps, headed toward them. When they were close enough to actually pounce, their limp and laze were gone. And they easily were able to catch up to their prey.
It was a good hunting day.


The eldest of the herd saw that times were hard and he was worried about his family. So when the herd was moving near a brush, he went in and separated himself from the others. Quietly making sure they didn’t follow him. Until he was far enough away that they couldn’t easily find him.

And he laid down to die. Alone. To save the others.


She knew she was really sick. So she told her child she was going to go get some water. Figuring the child would stay with their friends. Which they did.

She found a place to be alone and hoped it would be some time before anyone noticed she was gone. She didn’t think it’d be long before her breath was gone, and she was right.


A few of the herd knew something was wrong. They felt the same bad blood coursing thru their veins. So they told the others they were going to take a walk on another trail. And went off, without anyone being the wiser.

After a couple days, they were found dead by some of the herd who had gone searching for them. It was realized that they had been ill and hadn’t wanted to affect the others they loved.
Such as these would be missed by the herd.


The hunters of the herd ate first. By the time they got back to their mates and children, they knew the meat had been tainted. So they buried it. And went for more. Before they succumbed to the poison. And they barely had tasted it and took it back to the herd before they had to lay down. But they had done the last thing they could for their loved ones. They hoped the young ones could now take over their job.

the 🧟 ‘s 🥚 🥚 hunt (a story)

the 🧟 ‘s 🥚 🥚 hunt

The 🧞 and 🧟 saw in their 🔮 and ⭐ 🌟 🌠 that times were going to be hard for awhile so they organized a special 🥚 🥚 hunt. They handed out 🚩 s and 🔫 s to the kids after they hid either 💩 or 🍫 in the best places they could find. They giggled and wondered which faces the 💩 would get from the kids?
🤭 , 😱 , or 💢 ? The 🐉 , 🦇 , and 🦕 🦖 came to watch the shinanigans of the day.
The kids hunted high and low and gave the 🧞 and 🧟 the faces they hoped to see.
The 🕵️‍♀️ and 👩‍🔬 looked for 👾 and 🐡 and found plenty. Now they were the ones showing faces of 🤭 , 😱 , and 💢 to the 🧞 and 🧟 . You could hear the 🧞 and 🧟 😗 ♫♪¸¸.•¨•♫♪¸¸ as they disappeared. There was nothing left to say….. 🙈 🙉 🙊

Boing Boing! ( a 🥚 🐣 story)

Boing Boing! ( a 🥚 🐣 story)

I thought i was 👀 things when the 🥚 started to shake. Was there an earthquake near by? Had a train rolled thru town?
I stepped back a bit. What exactly did this 🥚 have inside? Pretty sure it wasn’t chocolate!! But was it a 🐍 , a 🐢 , a 🐊 ? I wasn’t too sure I wanted to meet the mother! I took another step back.
But I couldn’t stop 👀 ! Sometimes i am just too curious for my own good!
I saw the 🥚 start to crack and gulped, ready to run….
I 👀 a tiny 🐣 and laughed at my worry. The worst I could expect was getting pecked and maybe wings beating me then! (Though any farmer could tell you that is nothing you want to have happen either!)
So there was now a new 🐤 in the world! Yay world! It’s spring again!

The Easter Gazette! (a story)

The Easter Gazette! (a 🐰🐇👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 🐤 🐥🐣 story)

The 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 were really worried about the holiday this year. There were so many things going on that they were pretty sure that their egg hunt was going to be called on account of the world’s problems.
And that made the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 s sad.
First the 🐰🐇 s tried to cheer the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 s up….
They gamboled on the lawns of their houses. They played tag and danced around. There was some jive, some tango and some can can. Till they were too tired to go on. It took a bit, but the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 s eventually did giggle a bit.
Then the 🐤 🐥🐣 s began to play tag. They hopped over each other and summersaulted. They fumbled thru hand stands and they even giggled as they tried to juggle with their wings.
Until the 🐤 🐥🐣 were tired too. But they were glad to see that the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 were giggling over their antics as well.
But it did start a bit of bickering over who was better at entertaining? The 🐰🐇 or the 🐤 🐥🐣 ?
Some of the 🐰🐇 and 🐤 🐥🐣 started slapping each other, And those slaps got faster and faster. Till the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 got 😯😩😥😪
The police came to break up the fuss.
The 🐰🐇 and 🐤 🐥🐣 realized what they had done and calmed down. They agreed the kids needed some happy things now and went back to playing,
The next day, the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 read all about what they had seen in the paper. And looked out on the lawn. Where they saw some

So this is Easter Weekend....


on the lawn. It seems the mood of the 🐰🐇 and 🐤 🐥🐣 and their dung had brought about a change to the usual white lilies of Easter. Oh woe! Oh dear! Though some of the 👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💑 s preferred the tiger lillies more. Time would tell if the lilies remained coloured or not.
The gazette said the 🐰🐇 and 🐤 🐥🐣 had no reason to fuss, cuzz they were all important.

What I have learned from my reading on Covid 19 so far? (How not to pick my nose in company! Wait I knew that already!)

What I have learned from my reading on Covid 19 so far? (How not to pick my nose in company! Wait I knew that already!)

Coronaviruses are a fairly new beast to the world and very few people on earth are truly experts in them. If any exist at all.
MERS spread thru Saudi Arabia and came from dromedaries (camels are some)
SARS 2003 have a theory that bats gave it to civet cats, civets gave it to humans, but it’s just the best guess atm
Covid 19 have an early stage theory that bats gave it to pangolins, pangolins gave it to humans.
They also are guestimating that bat to human transmission is unlikely.

…. Which leads to ….

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, from animal transmitted to human, either directly or thru a third vector.
We really need to be more cautious when handling animals.


For years, John Hopkins has been conducting exercises on preparedness for pandemics. And they have shown that everything they held to be true is now occurring. And the politicians, media and scientists aren’t ready. Which we now know to be true.
They say that in the middle of a pandemic, all you can do is play catch up. Sound familiar?


So they knew this was coming down the road at us. And yet here we are…

….. symptoms

According to the Mayo Clinic the symptoms at the beginning sound like a bad cold, or the flu. I get a lot of these as allergies hit me as well. No big deal, right? This is what 80% of the population will see/have of it.
It’s not the symptoms, it’s how fast they can turn on you and the depths they can take you to. Like the flu (I did not say coronavirus is the flu, nor is it), things go south when your lungs can no longer do their job and you “tire out”. And you get a bad case of pneumonia. Then you may need help breathing. A tube in your nose, a mask, an oxygen tent, and possibly a ventilator. Most people don’t get pneumonia. Most people don’t need a ventilator.
And most people will survive, even at this stage, if they have access to these things. Sadly that is not guaranteed.

…. demographics

As yet, there are a bunch of guesses as to who will get this and who will recover, or die. And since it’s not done, that is the best that any world-reputed expert can tell you atm.
All they are doing now is tracking it. And trying a bunch of shit to see what helps people get thru it.

…. mortality rate

According to the ecdc’s tracking at present, of confirmed cases, only @5% result in deaths around the world.
And nothing can tell you why this is. Not population, not weather, not health system.

…. so what can you do?

Even if you are immuno-compromised, a coronavirus is not a death sentence. It can be, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not a given. So wash your hands, stay away from people (2M/6 ft).
Flu shots aren’t of help since so far there aren’t corona viruses in the typical package. And it isn’t the flu, so it’s not likely to ever be included.

…… and they’re working

on the vaccine, on other treatments as we speak (write)


After following this virus for some time, I have no answers of my own. And I stand in pretty damn good company, because as I said at the top, this is new. Even the best in the world are still scanning the reports and watching. Still chatting and guestimating. We are actually at a stage where your guess may be as good as anyone’s. But it is really unlikely that the solution involves toilet paper.

…. what do I bring to the table?

Pretty damn good, university trained research skills. I know where the good sources are.
And curiousity. Yet still, all I have is more questions. I know shit. And does that ever hurt to admit it. Sorry!
(sits and twiddles thumbs with the best scientists in the world)

…. But oh hey!

The Easter Bunny has been declared an essential worker! By the Cdn govt! So you should get your treats!!

Canada (Toronto) vs the USA (Chicago) Covid 19 stats

Canada (Toronto) vs the USA (Chicago) Covid 19 stats

Our countries should be fairly similar. (crowded urban, packed transit system, tech, services, medical know-how. Both reliant on trade and tourism, both multi-cultural. And I specifically picked cities that are of similar size.


2.93 million (2017)
Chicago/Population (2017)
2.716 million


Comparible in size, let’s see how they do in Covid 19.

Chicago Covid 19 cases 5,511 deaths 140
Toronto COVID-19 cases  1449 deaths 42



Yet for some reason our citizens are safe(r) in a pandemic….
Is it because we have a socialist health care system where doctors are more accessible?
Is it because our country acted more quickly than the USA did?
The numbers are way out of wack, considering the population would be mixed heritage, but in pockets.
It’ll be interesting to see which groups within were hit the hardest. By race, heritage, gender/sex….
Because the lifestyle and weather of these two cities is probably quite similar. And yet Toronto is waaaaayyy better off than Chicago. I bet the epidemiologists will have a blast figuring this one out. I know I’m curious!

…….. Stats from


Desperation and Desolation (a story)

Desperation and Desolation

….. The King –

Sent forth a decree that all his serfs must pay extra taxes because there was a war on and the crops were bad this year. Any who refused were beaten by his soldiers and their daughters were taken to the castle to wait on the queen. Or if they were pretty, to wait on the king. (wink wink).

If they refused a second time, the king had their cottages burned down after removing anything that could be shared by the cooperative villagers and his soldiers.

When the villagers saw the soldiers coming a third time, some threw themselves over the cliff, some took up arms to try and fight. For what? They had nothing left to take. Except the crops.

It was suicide by soldier though. Who would be so ridiculous to try to fight someone who spent their days sparring? Some young and some experienced war hounds. Their orphaned children were sent to the castle to become it’s servants.

……. The Priest –

When the priest called from the pulpit that the gods were angry, and wanted a tithe of food and wine to soothe their ire at a time when the people were a bit angry themselves, the people refused.

The priest sent out the handmaidens to dance and try to cajole the increase from the supplicants. Probably not the best move by the priests though. The maidens came back in tatters from rotten fruit and in some cases from being used by the village men.

A few of the innocent handmaidens took a dram and passed quietly into their version of the afterlife. A few walked around as if they had taken the dram, but their bodies refused to lay down to be buried.

The priest sent to the castle for soldiers and was happily granted them.

The village was razed. The villagers were beaten (a few to death) and anything of value was given to the temple. The villagers left the area and the temple. With nothing to hold them, they went to find new gods. Except for a few who laid down and cried to the gods for relief that never came. They starved to death praying.

And the priest was left with dwindling supplies to feed his temple people. And no way of getting new food and wine in.

……. The Magician –

He put on shows and had quite a mix of awe and dismay from the audience. They were sincerely impressed with his pageantry and trickery. And sorely afraid of him.
Till they saw how he was doing it… And the villagers, once let in on the secret, saw everything for the sham it was. He was no devil, he was no god. Just a man, after all.

There was a stampede. For the villagers had needed to believe that he was more than human to keep paying his ticket prices. He had charged them more than any other magician had.

The magician threw salt, and threw powder but the crowd kept coming… or should I say mob?

So he threw fire that burned down their cottages. And ran to hide before they could catch him.

….. The Village

The elders gathered the survivors together and made some suggestions of what they should do next.

But the villagers were pretty much done listening. They threw stones at the elders and wandered away.

And there was nothing left.

No king or priest, no magician or elder held them. The villagers had nothing of divinity left to believe in. And no food or shelter to sustain them.

Gaia’s Revenge (a story)

Gaia’s Revenge

In the year of our Lord 5020, a small space ship was travelling near the earth. The scanners read of animal life in plenty. And wondered if there were any hominids on the planet. But nothing better than primates were noted. Which kind of confused the traveller within, He had hoped to find female hominids to attempt breeding with. Since his own planet inhabitants could no longer do so.

When he got a bit closer, he saw a capsule floating and went to hook it and reel it in.

Once it was inside, the traveller scanned it for life and anything that could harm him. But there was nothing alive within. Even the bacteria and viruses were dead.

Then it had obviously been floating for a long time.

So he opened it. And found documents in sealed clear packaging of some kind. So clear he didn’t have to open them to see the script.

And his reader was able to scan and read the documents so it could be translated for him.

And it said:

Dear traveller,
If you have found this package, we presume that our species has died off. And we can only blame ourselves, though we did try to blame our governors and big businesses.

We were the ones who were enraptured with convenience over common sense. We were the ones who kept accumulating toys and playing with them only once before discarding them. Till there were bigger garbage heaps than the tallest sky scraping buildings. Till the ocean had more plastic in it than animals or fish. Till we could no longer breathe the air without a respirating mask and oxygen tanks on our backs.

Yet we kept on. Till our old were gone, our children were born deformed and we could no longer breed more. Not even the scientists would make them with our dirty genes.

This capsule was left with instructions to send it when there were too few left to protect themselves from animal raids and had no way to save themselves from any other threats.

After all our evolutions and incarnations, we were back to a primitive state of fright and superstition. Scavenging plants and snaring small animals. The remnants of so-called civilizations were just more detritus to us. Considering their cost, they weren’t even given the status of remembrance. Not happily anyways.

All the gods had cursed us for our greed and taken our lives before we could find another planet we could survive on.

If this capsule does nothing else, may it act as a lesson of our hubris to the finder.

We tried praying when the contagion attacked our food, then our organs, then our blood and lastly our very breath.

We are done. The earth we made inhabitable to us took it’s revenge, despite our prayers asking for her blessing. Despite our prayers that attempted to asuage her ire, her wrath.

Gaia has begun her renewal of her earth by deleting us and using our corpses as fertilizer for her other subjects. The ones we didn’t manage to kill off altogether.

In the name of Gaia,

her last priests beseech you to take care what you do with your own planet. We have worn out her patience here.

and attached were some prayers

(See the next post}

the traveller bowed his head

in sorrow and concern for his own world. He went speeding home, in hopes he could get his people to listen before they reached such a state of desolation. They were too close for comfort!