#E-reading (a story)


Mercy had always been an avid reader. There were usually half a dozen books on her nightstand, and an array of magazines too. And with the advent of e-reading, she had even more on her reading list. And now she also had more time to do the reading. No travelling to and from work, no getting all gussied up for people who would never appreciate either her looks or her effort. And they also didn’t understand that she hated doing it.

Mercy knew she was in the wrong line of work for her fashion tastes. She was a tee and jeans or shorts and tank type. Not day dresses and suits. Srsly! She got a friend to do her shopping she hated them that much.

But this story isn’t about fashion, or lack of. lol

With this sudden extra time, Mercy decided to write an analysis of what she was reading. In some cases about the one book. In others, about a comparitive analysis. By author, genre or topic.

Mercy sent them to friends at first. Then she posted them as blogs, on sites that they might fit on. Then when they got a good reception, she started sending them out to editors, with her resume.

And she waited… and read…. and wrote more… sent more out…posted more. And recycled that list.

Till one day! Mercy received her first letters. At first she thought it was a good sign. They noticed her. Till she realized they were critiquing her. And refusing her.

She did take some of their hints and re-posted the varied versions. Sometimes people liked those better, but sometimes they thought she had suppressed her voice. Well she didn’t want that.

How do you take criticism without changing who you are as a writer?

How do you change the minutia of the piece without losing the tone you had wanted?

Mercy wasn’t sure she wanted to struggle. Maybe it was a matter of finding her own audience? Or the right fit of editor? Someone who did less edit and more airbrush?

For now, she had the time to explore her options, so Mercy was going to take it. And enjoy it. In art as in life, it’s the journey that counts.

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