Board Meetings in Jammies (a story)

Board Meetings in Jammies

Working at home certainly had it’s perks! And not having to get all dolled up was absolutely one of them. Jammies were the new normal. And Jill loved that! She threw on a suit jacket over her jammies whenever she had to do skype or video conferences and calls.

Her boss might not have been thrilled with her new work schedule. but ain’t no WAY she was going to be up at 4 am since she didn’t have to get showered, dressed, and catch 2-3 buses to start her work day at 8:30 am.

She was now impressed with herself if she rolled out of bed by 11 am. But all the work she was meant to do got done. By midnight. All day deadlines met. So what was there to complain about? I mean really?

And hubby was glad to have her to himself more. They were having more sex, cuzz neither was exhausted at the endless commuting as well as the work schedule. And they woke gently as well.

They often took lunch breaks, and played the game that they were having an affair. Candles went on the lunch table and they used their good china. It sometimes led to even more sex. Jill did notice she often was chafed and walked a little different.

With no one to exclaim if she had bruises, they were getting more adventurous as well.

It was like being on a honeymoon.

TBH neither of them wanted things to go back to before. But since they knew it would, they were taking full advantage.

They both wore silly grins. A lot.

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