An Anarchist Flying thru Covid 19

An Anarchist Flying thru Covid 19

I don’t get on wagons easily (if you have followed me for awhile, you may have noticed this). I don’t like crowds, even with the threat of a pandemic influencing my judgment. I much, much prefer independent thought.

And sometimes I wonder how to get others to consider thinking for themselves. But they’d probably say that I should think like their group, cuzz they are right.

That is a hard call though when that group sides with authority just because that is who they are. They don’t consider if that authority is actually specific to the matter at hand.

For eg, not all doctors are created equal. They did go to medical school, and it’s possible they attended theoretical discussions in class on epidemics, viruses, germs. But they may have done their rotations in something totally unrelated. How long ago was that class anyways?

So do you listen to them as if they are virologists? Probably not.

The police and public health are asking us to avoid crowds. And that seems sensible. Crowds spread germs. There is a reason why they are called contagions. The more you are around people, the more people you are around, the more likely that one person with the virus is there.

Which is great. So long as we remember that the people doing those jobs are still human.

Mostly I am a huge fan of first responders. But now and then I have a moment of doubt. And this week, here it is.

On one hand, there is a call for demonstrations to be shut down, due to the risk of contagion. The crowd may be dispersed, but that seems to be all they do.

UNTIL… this week a church who is a bit of a thorn in the sides of local and national issues is facing charges if they find a way to congregate that doesn’t break the quarantines. They wouldn’t be entering the church, or meeting with people either. They’d be in their cars, with the windows shut, listening to the radio. Basically. But they could wave and smile at people they care about. And feel a little more connected. They are the ones who face charges.

Not the demonstrators outside the premier of Ontario’s office who want a coffee. Nothing happens to them. What are they asking for? Certainly nothing like freedom of religion. They want to be able to congregate face to face.

It doesn’t strike me as fair at all.

It’s moments like this for me… knowing that the POTUS is rabble rousing demonstrators across the states, to get his country’s vote this fall. Knowing this whole process could be postponed. Among a few other dufus things that have reached new heights.

And a church is being hassled because they are trying to work for their community, within the guidelines.

I just don’t know why this is even an issue, except for previous bad feelings maybe?

So I’m curious… what are my thoughts supposed to be this week? Is authority right? Is authority always right? Do we always have to listen to them? And what about when they conflict? What about when they conflict with the laws of the country? What about when they conflict with what is right/just?

When do we listen to authority?

But then should I be even asking this type of question now?

2 thoughts on “An Anarchist Flying thru Covid 19

  1. Yes, now is the time to ask these questions. I don’t write like you do, but I have had similar discussions with the few people I am in contact with. These questions are starting to spread.

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