Canada’s Bill C-223, the Workers Mourning Day Act, April 28, 2020 – While 100 + countries @the world gear up for the day of mourning

Canada’s Bill C-223, the Workers Mourning Day Act, April 28, 2020 – While 100 + countries @the world gear up for the day of mourning

This year’s aim of the CCOHS, World Bank, ILO, and UN is to recognize the workers who have died, or become ill due to Covid 19. The essential workers who have cared for and supported us during a pandemic. Nurses, doctors and other frontline workers have put their health and lives on the line to help us.

history of April 28

In December 1990, following years of lobbying efforts by Canadian unions and the NDP, the federal government passed Bill C-223, the Workers Mourning Day Act, make April 28, 1991 the first government recognized National Day of Mourning. The Act is a brief piece of legislation, which reads, in part:
This movement quickly spread outside of Canada. In the United States in 1989, the American Federation of Labour began to recognize April 28th as Workers’ Memorial Day. The United Kingdom (UK) began their campaign to recognize this day in 1992. Workers’ Memorial Day was adopted by the Scottish Trade Union Congress (TUC) in 1993, the UK TUC in 1999 and the UK Health and Safety Commission in 2000. The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International TUC (ITUC) declared the International Day of Mourning in 1996. Let us carry on the international cry to: “MOURN for the Dead and FIGHT for the Living!”

Trump’s position on PPE

To get re-elected, to put the economy first, to make money he has withheld PPE from frontline workers during a pandemic. He is a pirate, not a governor. They are his workers that his country cannot do without. Other countries, including Canada, are sending him people to help out as his nation takes the lead in the contagion and it’s deaths. We are allowing them to cross our closed border to help him out, and sending these people. And he leaves them without protection. Every death of those people is on his profiteering head. We as a country are leaving ourselves open to a contagion from the worst country/epicenter atm to help his with these human beings. And he won’t give them free PPE…. How do you think that makes Canadians feel? As the contagion we are getting still spreads. A good part of which are due to his decisions about our people.

“MOURN for the Dead and FIGHT for the Living!”


Trump, Cuomo lag in coronavirus PPE push, says nurses union – New York Daily News
A top New York State nurses union leader urged Gov. Cuomo and President Trump to step up their efforts to get more protective gear in the hands of frontline medical workers. “We’re losing …


‘Lord of the Flies: PPE Edition’: U.S. cast as culprit in global scrum over coronavirus supplies – POLITICO
A medical face shield rests on boxes of gloves as nurses at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle hold a pre-shift meeting in a triage tent. The face shield was 3-D printed and assembled by a …


‘Swept Up by FEMA’: Complicated Medical Supply System Sows Confusion – The New York Times
The Trump administration’s new method for distributing medical supplies has led to charges of confiscation. By Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Jack Nicas WASHINGTON — In Massachusetts, state leaders …


As U.S. Hospitals Face Shortages, Trump Vows to Send Ventilators—to Europe | Vanity Fair
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common dreams

‘Moronic But Consistent’: Outrage Over Trump Admin Giving PPE to Private Companies, Not States | Common Dreams News
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Monday evening said that a White House initiative to airlift needed protective equipment to healthcare workers in the U.S. is redirecting the supplies to private companies, forcing states in desperate need of medical supplies to bid against one another, leading Pritzker and others to go directly to manufacturers.


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worldbank’s plan of recovery
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