What I have learned from my reading on Covid 19 so far? (How not to pick my nose in company! Wait I knew that already!)

What I have learned from my reading on Covid 19 so far? (How not to pick my nose in company! Wait I knew that already!)

Coronaviruses are a fairly new beast to the world and very few people on earth are truly experts in them. If any exist at all.
MERS spread thru Saudi Arabia and came from dromedaries (camels are some)
SARS 2003 have a theory that bats gave it to civet cats, civets gave it to humans, but it’s just the best guess atm
Covid 19 have an early stage theory that bats gave it to pangolins, pangolins gave it to humans.
They also are guestimating that bat to human transmission is unlikely.

…. Which leads to ….

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, from animal transmitted to human, either directly or thru a third vector.
We really need to be more cautious when handling animals.


For years, John Hopkins has been conducting exercises on preparedness for pandemics. And they have shown that everything they held to be true is now occurring. And the politicians, media and scientists aren’t ready. Which we now know to be true.
They say that in the middle of a pandemic, all you can do is play catch up. Sound familiar?


So they knew this was coming down the road at us. And yet here we are…

….. symptoms

According to the Mayo Clinic the symptoms at the beginning sound like a bad cold, or the flu. I get a lot of these as allergies hit me as well. No big deal, right? This is what 80% of the population will see/have of it.
It’s not the symptoms, it’s how fast they can turn on you and the depths they can take you to. Like the flu (I did not say coronavirus is the flu, nor is it), things go south when your lungs can no longer do their job and you “tire out”. And you get a bad case of pneumonia. Then you may need help breathing. A tube in your nose, a mask, an oxygen tent, and possibly a ventilator. Most people don’t get pneumonia. Most people don’t need a ventilator.
And most people will survive, even at this stage, if they have access to these things. Sadly that is not guaranteed.

…. demographics

As yet, there are a bunch of guesses as to who will get this and who will recover, or die. And since it’s not done, that is the best that any world-reputed expert can tell you atm.
All they are doing now is tracking it. And trying a bunch of shit to see what helps people get thru it.

…. mortality rate

According to the ecdc’s tracking at present, of confirmed cases, only @5% result in deaths around the world.
And nothing can tell you why this is. Not population, not weather, not health system.

…. so what can you do?

Even if you are immuno-compromised, a coronavirus is not a death sentence. It can be, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not a given. So wash your hands, stay away from people (2M/6 ft).
Flu shots aren’t of help since so far there aren’t corona viruses in the typical package. And it isn’t the flu, so it’s not likely to ever be included.

…… and they’re working

on the vaccine, on other treatments as we speak (write)


After following this virus for some time, I have no answers of my own. And I stand in pretty damn good company, because as I said at the top, this is new. Even the best in the world are still scanning the reports and watching. Still chatting and guestimating. We are actually at a stage where your guess may be as good as anyone’s. But it is really unlikely that the solution involves toilet paper.

…. what do I bring to the table?

Pretty damn good, university trained research skills. I know where the good sources are.
And curiousity. Yet still, all I have is more questions. I know shit. And does that ever hurt to admit it. Sorry!
(sits and twiddles thumbs with the best scientists in the world)

…. But oh hey!

The Easter Bunny has been declared an essential worker! By the Cdn govt! So you should get your treats!!

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