Gaia’s Revenge (a story)

Gaia’s Revenge

In the year of our Lord 5020, a small space ship was travelling near the earth. The scanners read of animal life in plenty. And wondered if there were any hominids on the planet. But nothing better than primates were noted. Which kind of confused the traveller within, He had hoped to find female hominids to attempt breeding with. Since his own planet inhabitants could no longer do so.

When he got a bit closer, he saw a capsule floating and went to hook it and reel it in.

Once it was inside, the traveller scanned it for life and anything that could harm him. But there was nothing alive within. Even the bacteria and viruses were dead.

Then it had obviously been floating for a long time.

So he opened it. And found documents in sealed clear packaging of some kind. So clear he didn’t have to open them to see the script.

And his reader was able to scan and read the documents so it could be translated for him.

And it said:

Dear traveller,
If you have found this package, we presume that our species has died off. And we can only blame ourselves, though we did try to blame our governors and big businesses.

We were the ones who were enraptured with convenience over common sense. We were the ones who kept accumulating toys and playing with them only once before discarding them. Till there were bigger garbage heaps than the tallest sky scraping buildings. Till the ocean had more plastic in it than animals or fish. Till we could no longer breathe the air without a respirating mask and oxygen tanks on our backs.

Yet we kept on. Till our old were gone, our children were born deformed and we could no longer breed more. Not even the scientists would make them with our dirty genes.

This capsule was left with instructions to send it when there were too few left to protect themselves from animal raids and had no way to save themselves from any other threats.

After all our evolutions and incarnations, we were back to a primitive state of fright and superstition. Scavenging plants and snaring small animals. The remnants of so-called civilizations were just more detritus to us. Considering their cost, they weren’t even given the status of remembrance. Not happily anyways.

All the gods had cursed us for our greed and taken our lives before we could find another planet we could survive on.

If this capsule does nothing else, may it act as a lesson of our hubris to the finder.

We tried praying when the contagion attacked our food, then our organs, then our blood and lastly our very breath.

We are done. The earth we made inhabitable to us took it’s revenge, despite our prayers asking for her blessing. Despite our prayers that attempted to asuage her ire, her wrath.

Gaia has begun her renewal of her earth by deleting us and using our corpses as fertilizer for her other subjects. The ones we didn’t manage to kill off altogether.

In the name of Gaia,

her last priests beseech you to take care what you do with your own planet. We have worn out her patience here.

and attached were some prayers

(See the next post}

the traveller bowed his head

in sorrow and concern for his own world. He went speeding home, in hopes he could get his people to listen before they reached such a state of desolation. They were too close for comfort!

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