The Juggler (a story/ish)

The Juggler

There were 10 plastic bottles sitting there for Master to juggle. And he was quite convinced he’d be able to do it. Until he picked them up and realized that some of them were weighted more than others.

Two of the bottles had the most weight. So he quickly colour coded them so he could easily tell them from the others. He called them trade and tourism as a joke.

Then there were lesser weighted ones. These he colour coded as well. And called them health and social security.

There was one bottle that had no bottom on it and he wondered who had thought of this prank for him. But he colour coded it as well. And called it military spending.

First he began with health and social security as they weighed the least. They were easy to juggle. on their own.

Then he added military spending and a couple of the middle-range weighted bottles. So far so good. It did get harder when he added the rest of the mid-range bottles though. And he was starting to get worried.

How would this go when the highest weight bottles were added? Was he up to the task?

He had to try so he could find out.

As soon as he added the two last bottles, his routine collapsed. The extra weight confused his hands. He was used to juggling things of similar or equal weight, after all.

So the Master juggler thought for a minute. And picked up a light and a heavy bottle with each hand, as if they adopted each other. Now his hands had an even distribution of weight.

And he added the rest two by two. Until he was juggling them all with relative ease. Ah! So that was it!

The Master practiced for a bit. Then called in the students to see his demonstration. And to hear the names of his bottles.

Some of the students thought the names were funny. Others were quite upset. Some just didn’t care.

So he paired the students who thought it was funny with one neutral and one negative and called his packs atoms. That made a few others laugh. No one got upset.

But a couple were confused. So he changed the groups. Till one student was paired with a student who thought the joke was funny, one who was neutral and one who was confused.

Each new grouping changed the way the students worked together, so he called them viruses, since they were mutating before his eyes. It seems none of his students thought he was funny this time.

So he sent them all away and brought in another class of students to see his demonstration. And called this a purge and infestation cycle.

It seems the old group and new group had met in the hall and the new group knew the jokes. So no one laughed. Which the Master was quite saddened by. HE thought he was funny as hell.

So he brought in an independent group. And made sure they didn’t hear the jokes before hand. These students didn’t laugh either. So Master sent them away.

And practiced both his juggling and delivery of the jokes for the rest of the day. By himself.

In the next few days, he tried repeatedly to get at least some of the students to laugh. Or some of the students to get upset. And could not.

So he called this period immunity. And put the bottles away for another time.

It seems there was such a thing as too much of a good thing. Esp when no one else got the joke as much as he did.

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