Safe(r) Sex During a Pandemic

Safe(r) Sex During a Pandemic

They met at a pharmacy where each bought a sealed thermometer, an individual use set of gloves, a face mask, marked as able to block viruses, a condom and a dental dam. They picked up packages of wet wipes as well.

Then they moved on to a sex shop where they waited outside till noone but the clerk was in the store. Then they picked up some packaged dildos and other insertables.

Next they went to the hardware store and got some laundry clips, a fishing line, and some wax candles. And a box of camping matches.

They drove separately to a hotel room and booked in.
In the lobby, they put on the protective gear, before getting in the elevator. And went to their room.

There was a bathroom inside the door. Where they took turns taking their temp and left the thermometer on the sink so the other could see neither had a fever.

Then they put the dildos and insertables, fishing line, candles and clips on the coffee table between the two couches and took off their clothes. Each sat on a different couch. On top of their clothes.

Their nipples were clipped, his peen was tied in a chain of loops. They poured hot wax over their chests and stomachs. Then they started inserting their dildos and other insertables and rubbing their breasts and genitals. Faster and faster, till they came into the protective condom or dental dam.

They wiped their genitals with the wipes and quickly got dressed and left in turns. Putting all their used items into a plastic baggy to discard at the garbage chute. They put a sign on the bag that it contained bio-wastes and should not be opened.

They took a different path to the lobby. They waved at each other before they got in their cars and drove to their respective homes. And skyped each other to chat and coo at each other. She cuddled her fave stuffy and he cuddled a pillow.

It was a good day and they were still in lust with each other. Looking forward to a day when they could have sex with only a condom on. And touching might be nice too!?

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