Check your country’s COVID 19 numbers – how are you doing as a nation?

Check your country’s COVID 19 numbers – how are you doing as a nation?

You know your country better than the statisticians do.
So if you are panicking about the COVID 19 virus/pandemic, try answering some questions for yourself:

  • how open was your border BEFORE Dec 31,2019 when the first case was known?
  • how quickly did your country respond by shutting down the border and large meeting places?
  • how good are your health services?
  • how likely are your citizens to report it to authorities if they fall ill?
  • how quickly did your country act to protect the care centers from contagion?
  • does the supply chain reach the poor and/or vulnerable over the rich?
  • how close are you to China, Europe, and the USA?
  • how much is there travel between you and the epicenters?

(remember the answers when you have your next elections)

the world numbers

Total cases 271364 deaths 11252
15 days 173202

10 most populated countries


Cases 81416
Deaths 3261
15 days 749


Cases 231
Deaths 4
15 days 202

United States,

Cases 19624
Deaths 260
15 days 19391


Cases 309
Deaths 25
15 days 307


Cases 495
Deaths 3
15 days 490


Cases 904
Deaths 11
15 days 896


Cases 12
Deaths 0
15 days 11


Cases 17
Deaths 0
15 days 17


Cases 253
Deaths 0
15 days 249


Cases 203
Deaths 2
15 days 198

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Growth By Country From 3/18 to 3/19 (top 10)

1. United States

cases grew by 5,894 equalling a growth of 76%


cases grew by 5,322 equalling a growth of 15%


cases grew by 4,053 equalling a growth of 29%


cases grew by 2,993 equalling a growth of 24%


cases grew by 1,828 equalling a growth of 20%


cases grew by 1,047 equalling a growth of 35%


cases grew by 1,046 equalling a growth of 6%


cases grew by 409 equalling a growth of 20%


cases grew by 367 equalling a growth of 22%


cases grew by 337 equalling a growth of 75%

How is my country doing?

Total confirmed 1,048 probable 33 deaths 13
6% required hospitalization

At Canadian borders

As of March 18, 2020, the Government of Canada will:

ban foreign nationals from all countries except the United States from entering Canada. This measure does not apply to air crews, travellers arriving in Canada in transit to a third country, Canadian permanent residents, diplomats or immediate family members of Canadian citizens.
redirect international passenger flight arrivals to 4 airports:
Calgary International Airport
Vancouver International Airport
Toronto-Pearson International Airport
Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

U.S. President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed on Wednesday morning to bar travellers crossing the world’s longest land border for “recreation and tourism” purposes. ( a lot of companies are tele-commuting or closed as non-essential as well)
national post

how is my province doing?

Currently under investigation 7239
Confirmed positive 369
Resolved 6
Deceased 2
Ontario is the most populous Canadian province.

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