Empty Nest (a story)


Empty Nest

[Mathis & Williams

They looked at each other as the door closed one last time. Their kids were all gone, her mom had just died and the last mourner just left, and their separate lives and using the kids as a go-between and sole topic of conversation was now used up. Well they had done their duty…

Guess it’s over, call it a day
Sorry that it had to end this way
No reason to pretend
We knew it had to end some day, this way

So she packed a bag and called her sister who had always hated him anyways and asked for a place to stay while she sorted things out. Her sister laughed and said yes. She had taken the day off work, thinking she might need to be home today. But she bit her tongue before she let her sister know that she had been waiting.

There wasn’t much wrong in the marriage… There wasn’t much right either. They had just grown apart, Every now and then, one would reach out and get their hand slapped for trying. So eventuallly they both gave up.

Yes it was over.

They each went back to their separate lives. Worked, went to their activities and hobbies, had drinks or coffee and meals with friends, and saw their family.

The kids did talk to them about their separation, but not too seriously. They knew what their parents had been like when they were home already. Having nothing else to hold them together, there just wasn’t that much to offer for the future.

But the kids did set ground rules about family holidays and courtesy when they were at the events. About not wanting to do two events for one day. One family.

It wasn’t like they hated each other. They just didn’t have anything in common. And they were done waiting for a sign of love, or even companionship.

The kids were concerned about them growing old alone and lonely. But they hoped they might find a grey-haired romance and sort their love lives out.

Time might tell.

Yes, it’s over, the kids are gone
What’s the use of tryin’ to hang on?
Somewhere we lost the key
So little left for you and me and it’s clear to see

Day Shift Factory Inspection (a story)

Day Shift Factory Inspection

Everything was pristine today. But then the managers had gotten wind that they were due for an inspection.

They shoved all the younger ones and those with brown faces onto evenings and nights. Anyone from a day agency was sent home with full day’s pay. So they didn’t get tagged for dealing with criminals and too young workers as well as illegals. They cleaned to the point you could eat off the machinery. And the oldest secretary was on the main desk.

Any files that were even remotely suspect were put into storage. For a couple boxes, that even meant they were shoved into managers’ car trunks. Just in case. And all the managers had come out of their offices to pre-inspect the plant and esp it’s packing and storage areas. Some piles usually up to the ceiling were split in half..

Line supervisors were dancing attendance over the belts. And the breakage bins were fuller than they usually tolerated. They wanted to look like quality mattered. After the inspection, they’d be sorted back into the line to go out.

Even the smoking trays were wiped down and placed further away from the doors of the building. And away from anything flammable as well.

They were ready for any photography that went with the written reports.

The staff who had been around for a few years laughed and went back to work. The newbs were wondering if there would be lay-offs or a shut-down due to failures. But a few old-timers reminded them that the plant had been around for a few years now and they knew where the line was. There was no point in searching for a new job yet.

The day creeped by and no inspectors came. Their tipster had jumped the gun. Oh well, they had had a good drill for next time. This tipster was usually bang on when they called ahead.

Something must have interrupted their day.

LDR Dommie Story : More Than Slave Poses


LDR Dommie Story : More Than Slave Poses

Dommie had a pair of subs who were bi and lived together. They were each other’s primary partner. But every now and then they called on Dommie to come and give them some “bit of ruff”, “bit of strange”, “bit of girl” to shake things up.

Before they met, Dommie skyped with them to set goals and negotiations and to set the mood before the day.

All three of them were getting kind of tired of the basic slave poses and wanted to up their spirituality. So they each took classes in yoga and tantric yoga to learn something more for this goal.

And the guys showed Dommie what they were learning as they skyped. She was thrilled to see their progress.

Dommie asked to tape them doing the moves, so she could share it with her stable. They were happy to be asked and thrilled at having a new audience. Dommie guessed they were more exhibitionistic than she had previously thought.

So she shared the video with her skype and email subs’ list first. Then arranged a pool party for her home subs. They had fun falling all over themselves, trying the poses. Dommie laughed at their antics. She was fully aware they were having it on with her. Most of them were into gymnastics, martial arts or even yoga. So they were just being monkeys. She threatened to take their bananas’ privileges away. They made monkey noises and chased each other around, acting silly.

When Dommie had her appt with the bi subs, she showed them the home movies of her “monkeys”. It set the right tone for their “play”. And defused a lot of the initial nervous energy the guys usually had with her.

It was a fun and enlightening session and met all their goals for their time together. Plus!


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LDR Dommie Story : Lap Dances Can Reconnect You

LDR Dommie Story : Lap Dances Can Reconnect You

Dommie’s LDR sub knew there was a long break coming up between their visits and wanted to have a special surprise ready for his Domme when they were finally able to see each other again.

So he went to a strip club and asked a few of the girls to show him how to do a lap dance.

At first they thought he was having them on to get free or more frequent lap time with them. But then they saw him making notes between their dances.

One of the girls grabbed his note book and read it over to see what it was about. And she took his pen and made some corrections and additions to his notes. He was glad he had thought to bring a multi-coloured pen, and that she had chosen a different colour from his writing.

Sub looked over what she had said and realized his biggest correction from her was the translation of how a woman would receive a lap dance and where a woman might get pleasure from a bottom on her lap. Vs a man who received one.

Oh yeah! Right…

Next time she came over, he asked her to show him that version so he could make notes. She had experience in a women’s only club, so she was happy to show him some moves that’d get a woman hot when in their lap. Like instead of sitting on top of the lap. sitting between the legs. Like putting your leg under theirs, instead of over, so you can rub closer to ground zero on a woman. Without using your hands. That wasn’t really allowed in clubs.

Good points! He thought! And made note.

The message went between the girls and he noticed a few of them started dancing more like they were trying to turm a woman on, vs a man. And suggesting music that women might like, vs a male customer base.

And he took note.

When he thought he had a good CD full of music, he started practicing at home. Till he thought he was pretty good. And he went back to the club when he knew those girls were dancing. He asked if he could show them what he had put together.

The girls giggled but were happy to have a break from their usual so they let him give them lap dances. And gave him opinions on his efforts. The manager came over once to see what was going on and if he really was willing to pay for this. He affirmed it was his idea. So the manager laughed and walked away. Whatever!

And sub paid attention. And learned more with each girl. Until they were quite happy with his performance.

Finally the day arrived when he was meant to meet his Dommie. And he made sure the CD was packed and a really cute outfit the girls thought she’d like. Full of glitter and even a boa for him to play with.

When he looked into his Dommie’s eyes he was glad she was in the right mood for it. So he pushed her into a chair and hit the on button on the CD player.

And the dance began. Dommie’s eyes lit up… She was so pleased when she received her surprise and understood the time and attention that had gone into this gift for her.

It became their special thing. And they both looked forward to this reconnection after not being able to see each other for awhile to attend other obligations.

After all, reconnecting can be sexy as hell. 🙂